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I posted on your page. Here's mine, its curve is kinda high so I'm looking for some more filler cards to protect myself.

Jaya Ballard, Fiery Control

Commander / EDH Flux27


May 24, 2018 1:50 p.m.

No problem StanleyH. Also welcome to my primer SocorroTortoise, for a bit of reference to my playgroup we are less aggro than most and value reigns supreme which changes a few card choices of mine.

Dire Fleet Daredevil has impressed me each time I've drawn it. There is almost always a fact or fiction, swords to plowshares or demonic tutor at minimum waiting in someones graveyard. It gives me access to so many things I normally wouldn't have access to and can lead to more interesting plays similar to how I hope Stolen Strategy will play out. Scrap Mastery and Old Kozilek are in my list to recur the grave just that little bit more as games in my group tend to go a little longer.

As for The Immortal Sun, this card has been really hard for me to evaluate. I both love and hate it, its very strong card advantage but the deck tends to get hurt by it more than most and we really don't utilize the modes other than draw as most decks do. I need to make some small adjustments but the card is going to be cut for Stolen Strategy or Vances Blasting Cannons soon as I have found it is not worth it anymore. If I want a 6 drop artifact drawing cards I would rather Staff of Nin. I know it shouldn't come up much on locking off walkers but stopping your own Ugin from wiping the board has hurt me a few times too many. It might eventually work its way back in but I really like the look of Stolen Strategy for being both more fun and filling the same role.

The list itself is probably a bit out of date by a month now as I have been working on the primer. But I hope to have the primer done in time for battlebond and then go over the list with some new cards. Thanks for helping me find a deck I love, and its been fun watching you change your deck and adjusting my own the past few years. Right now I'm giving Godo + Helm of the host a try for closing out games. I'm also looking forward to a foil Commander's Sphere real soon.

May 24, 2018 8:23 a.m.

onehitterquiter The main issue I had with scythe was the high equip cost to get it working. It has the same high value as batterskull once equipped but if there was no Jaya in play it would do next to nothing. Its a reason I'm considering cutting sword of the animist. The upside of the card isn't high enough that it can sit around for a while with no creature to work with it. If I added more creatures I still would be looking more at Hammer of Nazahn or Darksteel Plate. More so the plate for its own indestructibility but I would need to try both if i went back that route as the auto equip could be better.

DangoDaikazoku I was running darksteel plate for a while, it just got hard with so many equipment and keeping a commander that annoys most players alive. I would often be stuck with a hand of swords and spells and nothing to do with the swords/equipment. I cut the plate before Hammer came out so I might swap Sword of the animist for it as that equipment has been lacking. Just need to get my hands on one to try at this point. It will be interesting to see if the one time auto equip is better than low cost repeatable equiping of Darksteel Plate. I forgot about it till now, so thank you I will keep an eye out for Hammer :) Added it to my Sideboard so I don't forget.

Agent_Fire Squee was a hard card for me to cut, but my meta got very hostile towards Jaya being in play. I moved more towards trying to use her once or twice before she got removed. I would definitely put him back in if I was in a different play group however. The card is great when you can continually use him as a free discard, but if you don't have anything to do with him it starts to feel kind of bad. I moved more towards cards that are useful when discarded or are better on their own even if they cost more, like the Phoenix's. All in all just a meta call.

May 22, 2018 10:14 a.m.

I have, I found it was one too many wheels at that point. It'd definitely on my short list of trying out again, the card is sweet but 6 mana is a lot and unless its in the bin the card is alright at best. The pros and cons are hard to evaluate on the card. Definitely give old Karn a try though, its one of my most impressive additions I've found.

May 16, 2018 12:07 p.m.

Hey StanleyH, sorry for the late reply haven't been on in a bit. For a bit of reference my deck is built for a bit of a slower playgroup where value is huge. Faster groups I run things like Ensnaring Bridge, O-Stone, Blasting Cannons and Wurmcoil engine and some more mana rocks instead of things like the second Kozilek, Memorial, Staff of Nin or Immortal Sun.

Kozilek, the Great Distortion - This is the one Kozilek I will always run, fast or slow games. It refills your hand, allows you to counter in red and has pseudo evasion to hit really hard. It might be a bit more of a pet card but I've really come to respect the card and youll find blue players will almost never let it resolve. But that must mean its good right? Basically it fits all the needed gameplan for a finisher in the deck with the back up plan of giving a new hand and a mode of self protection.

Hoarding Dragon - Always on the verge of being cut but fits the role of needed flier that sometimes gets value. I would say if you want a cut this is one of the ones always close to being cut. I usually grab something small like expedition map, the weakest gauntlet/caged sun, even just commander sphere. Something that will lead to something better that I'm not upset to draw but am fine with being gone. The mana doublers aren't super important and there are multiple so its fine losing them, any land in your deck is powerful but map is a weakish draw late game and sphere just cantrips which is fine sometimes as you really just need the body. Plus dragon can be used to grab crypt or other small silver bullets if you work with someone.

Deal Broker - Another one close to getting cut all the time. My problem with him is I cant find anything that does what he does as well, even if everything he does is mediocre at best. Looting, is fine, small blocker is fine, low cost to weld is fine. All in all it leads to a very average curve filler card that can filter draws in red. He comes in and out a ton. The one shot fillers dont fill the blocker or welding role which he does in addition to the filtering which is why I like him. Faster formats id run him in addition to one shots.

Memory Jar - Very powerful I wouldn't ever cut this card personally. Wheeling whenever with full mana is quite strong. Welding it back multiple times is back breaking to some decks. You can play it and wait for whenever you want. Sometimes you can even interrupt a combo turn for your opponent. At worst it is a suspend 1 wheel, at best it is a combo break but it has so much potential.

Batterskull - I just really like him to protect my walkers and buff my lifetotal, I dont often equip either but he has good synergy with kher keep, jaya sort of and is very good for closing games with godo. Could be preference but I just like the body and am never upset with drawing it.

Top, rack, fetches/kite/map - Honestly its good, but it is a luxury. I ran the deck without them for quite a while but I wouldnt blame anyone for not running it, I like drawing cards and filtering so I keep it. But that's just me I could see not running rack and just top and going only half way and it would definitely be fine.

Somethings im trying are new Jaya for flavour only, the card is awful but looks so pretty >.> Karn is too slow, Jayas inferno could be fine as a second finisher but I struggle to keep it online and blackblade over sword of the animist as I struggled with early guys to use the sword. Neither feel fantastic, but thats why we test right?

Hopefully that helped :)

May 16, 2018 9:35 a.m.






Jaya Ballard, Fiery Control

Commander / EDH Flux27


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