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Hey I'm a mostly casual mtg player though if I really like it I'll try to build competive decks for FNM. My favorite two colors is green and white but I pretty much love playing any sort of deck and knowing how they work so I can come up with strategies to beat them. All in all i just love to play a game I enjoy.

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Said on Karn vs bolas?...


I'm also on team people overestimate bolas.

Sure recently he thrashed the Gatewatch but that's the Gatewatch and to be honest none of them are all that powerful or skilled compared to bolas. That and as we saw in Hour of Devestation his power set is just better versions of theirs. However Karn has always been probably about the same level of power since he is the legacy weapon urza built long ago Made his own actual plane and with stood the phyrexian oil. Add to that the fact that Karn was there when Gerard and Urza went up against Yawgmoth it goes without saying that Karn has faced the most evil villain in the multiverse and survived.

Also in legends a lone human no planeswalker warrior defeated post mending Nicol bolas essentially killing him until his spirit energies co mingled and reformed. Bolas can be defeated and while it may be out rageously difficult it is possible.

August 11, 2017 11 a.m.

I disagree with all of you this fight isn't as one sided as people are making it out to be. Sure Nicol Bolas is powerful and wins 9/10 times I can see that 1/10 chance Niv-Mizzet wins simply because he possibly knows ravnica better then anyone and is exceptionally powerful in his own right. Also while I appreciate the chess analogy it doesn't fit Niv Mizze vs bolas because Niv Mizzet and the entirety of the izzet guild thrive on chaos and unpredictability something bolas cannot plan for. In a game of chess everything is predictable simply because you know what the pieces do. Compare that to the izzet where any piece could become a queen at any time. Sure it's not likely but it could still happen.

August 8, 2017 8:42 p.m.




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