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I started collecting around late 1994. (The Dark and Fallen Empires, Revised was the basic set) I recently got back into Magic shortly after Scars was introduced. I had learned of the casual format known as EDH (now called Commander by WOTC) and I loved the idea of creating decks that would make use of all the interesting old cards in my collection. I occasionally draft at Johnny Cee Cards. I used to recommend Chadams but, sadly, they have gone out of business.

My advice to players in draft? The highest priority should be creatures, followed by removal. After that, a few good combat tricks and equipment. Obviously there would be exceptions to every rule, but a good rule of thumb is 16 lands, 20 cards that are creatures or removal, and 4 other cards.

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Some feedback, because you asked in chat. You are light on control. That is partly personal preference, but I recommend highly valuing removal, especially less limited flavors of removal. Hunt the Weak is good, though. I also notice that your creatures are stronger in black early on, and then in green later. A more even balance, or even a higher balance of green in the lower costs can aid when you have mana fixing. You don't, by the way, have any mana fixing that I noticed. Those are cards which help ensure that you have both colors of mana at your disposal. Aside from this, I would recommend sorting them by sideboard/mainboard so that people can see what you choose and offer more suggestions. Since your removal is light, I suggest going heavy on creatures and only throw in a few non-creature cards. Definitely priorities the +1/+1 tokens, as you have a strength there.

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