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DevoidMage's Binder

Just ask for any conditions.

Current Build: Lands

Binder Updated: June 25

Shipping location: Illinois, US

Please ask for Card Conditions if that is a concern to you!

In regards to online trading, I very seldom trade on Tapped Out. I do however have a shop set up on TCG Player that is Level 4 with 99% positive feedback. I don't send first, ever. I will however be happy to send at the same time if you are also unwilling to send first. I won't ask you to send first unless you have 0 online trading experience to speak of.

NOTE!: I do a lot, and I mean a LOT, of in-person trading. On the flip side, I hardly update my trade binder on TappedOut. This means that my binder can and will become out of date frequently, and you should probably just expect it to be out of date. If there is anything you are looking for, however, I can see what I can do about getting it for you, so feel free to message me about it!

I'm also totally willing to just trade into some trade fodder, so if you have any high dollar cards that you don't particularly want / need, feel free to hit me up!

I also collect Treasure Cruise and Full art Wastes (184), so any that you would be willing to add in as a throw in would make me one happy camper! Just let me know if you have any of these, and I'd be glad to negotiate a trade.


All successful trades so far have been great and I would vouch for anyone on that list.

Actual Treasure Cruise count: 885

Actual Wastes count: 216

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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