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Said on Zur's Perfection...


@outofnothingO: yes, i know that with necro you draw the cards at the end of your turn, but ad nauseam's cost is 5, and its a lot..., i think that your deck works like a clock to put zur in play in turn 3..., i believe it's more easy put zur protect him and then put necro in play that try to play ad nauseam..., and if you play necro at the time that you have zur in play with some auras, you don't need yours cards in your hand in your turn, you only need draw counterspells...

spellskite its only situational..., 90% of the time, zur is protect by counterspells, equips or auras, if you don't play spellskite in turn 2, its a waste of time...

August 31, 2017 9:56 p.m.


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