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vasarto77 there is a fine line between making a deck expensive and making a deck that has strategy that can win. I have only refined this deck overtime and I loved it so much that I took all of my other EDH Deck I had during the time and sold them. I started buying the Duals before they spiked and then slowly but surely working with stores in my area to save money to get the expensive cards that I do have. It is just a testament of time over the last 5-6 years of me going hard for the game. In that time I have dabbled into Modern a few times and literally opted out of Modern and used that value to also get cards for this deck as well. The deck is focused and is very fun to play. Extremely Fun. Do I have the most expensive version of everything. Yes for some stuff, but I don't have Near Mint Beta Duals for example, I don't have Guru Basics. Would I like to get there with this deck. Maybe/Probably. Only time will tell, but there was just a guy who posted a video about at $25,000 Sliver Deck so what I have here is just a deck that has been played and admired. People in Legacy and Vintage make this deck's value look like Toilet Paper. Nevertheless, I am very proud of this deck as well is the Faster Version I just finished called MUI which takes this deck and makes it faster. Hope you liked it to. As far a Tabernacle is concerned, it does not belong in my deck. Nobody want to pay an extra 1 to keep their creatures, but people will pay if they absolutely have to. Also having this card is really bad against Graveyard Strategies and cards like Meren, Clan of Nel Tooth. For reason like this, this card literally does nothing in my deck. Now, if you would have suggested Mirsha's Workshop in my secondary build MUI, then I would have concurred with you. Tabernacle is cool and I have seen a few in person but I would rather have NM Beta Duals or That Value in Guru Lands for my basic lands. Overall, I hope you enjoy the deck just as others have and I appreciate you checking it out.

November 14, 2019 3:43 p.m.


Ultra Instinct Jodah (Migatte No Gokui)

Commander / EDH CBG03


The Nel Tooth Nightmare

Commander / EDH CBG03


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