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1. I've never needed to use online trading sources to get cards.. I got my collection from years of playing magic, IRL trading/drafting, and the old fashioned way.. Buying singles with my hard earned money. With that said, I did use this site to trade with friends on here around 2010 before the addition of the trade confirmation system.

2. I no longer have a solid play group to trade with, and after years of being on this site.. There are some very respectable people on here to trade with instead.
1. My binder is updated all the time, I usually have everything that's listed in my binder.. Right down to what set the card is in.

2. I'm typically open to most trades if i'm getting what's on my want list.. Though, i'm more reluctant to trade expensive format staples unless i'm getting them in return, or I really need some EDH cards.

3. If a card is listed as foil, or for a certain set anywhere in my wants or trading profile.. Then that's exactly what i'm looking for.

4. If you're a new account, i'll ask you to send first if it's a bigger trade.
1. I am a straight up person.. I never, nor would I ever screw anyone out of cards, period. I'm a very reliable, fast trader.

2. I ship the day after a trade is made. That said.. Due to an upcoming working situation, for bigger trades, i'm only going to be able to ship on Saturdays through USPS. If it's a smaller trade, I can send through mail/envelope like normal.
1. If a trade is 20$ and under, i'll send through the mail with a regular envelope and hard loaders.

2. If a trade is 30$+, i'll ship USPS with tracking and a bubble envelope.
1. My collection of cards are 80% M, 10% NM, 5% SP, and 5% of the rares/mythics/uncommons being on the aging side.

2. If you're interested in something that I have, i'll be 100% honest about the condition, and send you pictures if you'd like.

3. I use to be an avid collector, and take very good care of my cards.


1x Misty Rainforest

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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