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Oh dang, that's what I get for reading card texts after being awake for 19 hours on 5 hours of sleep haha.

Definitely going to have to re-evaluate her for sure. She still has useful pulls but not as useful as originally thought obviously. Can pull desecreated tomb, the two altars, commander sphere, chromatic lantern which is a pretty good selection but most likely not worth the slot at that point.

December 10, 2018 3:34 p.m.

Oh dang, that's what I get for reading card texts after being awake for 19 hours on 5 hours of sleep haha.

Definitely going to have to re-evaluate her for sure. She still has useful pulls but not as useful as originally thought obviously. Can pull desecreated tomb, the two altars, commander sphere, chromatic lantern which is a pretty good selection but most likely not worth the slot at that point.

December 10, 2018 3:34 p.m.


This section is copy/pasted from Lokotor's guide on why he doesn't like Herald of Secret Streams >>>

Making most or all of our creatures unblockable seems great, we can get in for a ton of damage or even knock someone out. But truth be told it’s not that important. If you attack and they do block you’re coming out ahead on the trade 9/10 times and so there’s not really much downside there, you’ll have a clear board the next turn probably. And we’re practically immune to board wipes, so we don’t have to worry about that the board getting too full to attack through either. I’d rather run Damnation in this slot given the choice since it’ll be a lot more effective at solving this problem.

As for Profaner of the Dead, you are right about ETB effects, however bounce+counterspell is a thing for any major threats. And what you can do with marchesa+a counter on profaner is sacrifice profaner of the dead during a players turn, it returns to play at their end step (thanks marchesa) and then bounce all of their stuff at end step... leaving them completely vulnerable to the whole table for a full game round. With Profaner+Marchesa+Mimic/Sage you can do this on EACH players turn and that's where the real magic happens.

Also, I had an epiphany about Trophy Mage last night, it's even better than I thought, it fetches our 14 artifacts AND our 3 artifact creatures at 3CMC or less, one of which is a major combo piece Metallic Mimic, another which is a free to sacrifice creature Arcbound Worker and a card draw engine Baleful Strix.

Impaler shrike is basically a better/cheaper CMC mulldrifter with Marchesa. Sower of Temptation i'm not 100% sure I'll slot in yet, but it's still a definite consideration, just not sure what I want to cut in it's place yet.

I'm still interested in Teferi as well, giving all creatures flash and slowing our opponenets to sorcery speed is just so tempting... that triple blue though is a bit hard to swallow in a deck that's main color is black.

Right now the 2 cards I'm looking at for the cut list the most are land #36 and Rakdos Cackler... the cackler serves a good purpose of being sacrificable every turn on it's own but now with Trophy mage being able to pull out Arcbound Worker (effectively being the "2nd copy" of a free to sacrifice creature) the cackler might be on the chopping block for a creature that packs more of a value engine.

December 10, 2018 1:01 p.m.


Profaner of the dead is definitely going on the small maybe list i'm running. Sitting on 99 cards right now with 4 potentials. I have a few players that like small swarms (not full token decks but just decks that happen to have lots of utility creatures) and it can always exploit an even higher toughness creature for more effect. (Exploiting a +1/+1 countered Sidisi will pop all creatures 7 toughness or less and then sidisi can ETB and exploit the profaner for a tutor lol).

I took out the Disciple of Bolas for good and replaced it with the Trophy mage for now as I really like the 'tool box' feel that the trophy mage offers by fetching our artifacts.

I might look for another cut to fit the pair of bounce wizards in. I'm still definitely interested in teferi & sower if I can find cuts to play them. Might cut a land down to 35 to make +2 fill in slots.

December 9, 2018 9:39 p.m.

The more I thought about it, the more i'm not a fan of riptide enhancer. It requires damaging a player without evasion and no way in the deck to give it evasion. I'm looking at alternatives that serve a similar function.

Sower of Temptation is high on the list of potentials, it has evasion and guaranteed mind control... it doesn't give the stolen creature haste so I might not be able to counter them up until the turn after but I could always sacrifice the creature in response if they attempt to remove the sower.

Captivating Crew is kind of a staple for many of the mind controller style decks and I can see why, however the amount of mana you have to sink into his effect is pretty large.. but he has the advantage of being able to gain control of the creature that turn. (You are paying 4 mana for that effect each time compared to just sacrificing a sower of temptation.)

Exclusion Mage a bit of a basic one, but could potentially softlock a creature based game (+bounce & discard) with a metallic mimic/marchesa or sage of fables/marchesa and can kill tokens.

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir this is basically just a "good stuff" card. Turning all our creatures into flash speed gives them pseudo haste and he slows down opposition shenanigans a lot. Not super high up on the list, but definitely worth giving a thought about.

Trophy Mage can fetch every artifact we have in the deck which gives us access to a sacrifice outlet, ramp / color fixing, sacrifice fodder, card draw, lifelink etc... lots of utility in being able to draw out our artifacts at will.

Just a handful of ideas I'm looking at.... from most interested to least interested it's probably Trophy > Sower > Exclusion > Teferi > Captivating.

December 9, 2018 8:29 p.m.


I'm actually kind of happy you are mentioning a mob rule cut... it was literally card #100 in the list and I wasn't sure that I was happy with it either. I mean it's big brother Insurrection is an idea, but 8 mana is a huge chunk, and the decks gameplan is to keep boards at a low size anyways. I'll make the two changes here, I really like Thalakos Deceiver because of it's ability to steal creatures from any player regardless of who you are attacking. Riptide might be a little hard to cast on curve with it's double blue and I might look around for something in it's stead, but it's a heavy consideration none the less. I do however like that it's a morph, that puts morph #3 in the deck and would let me actually use morph tactically since my opponents couldn't really reliably assume what morph I put down and they function 3 very different roles between them. (Grim Haruspex & Voidmage prodigy being the other two) ... there's a good chance I might not find anything that fits better and it goes in the list anyways.

I greatly appreciate the look through and suggests, thanks a bunch :)

December 9, 2018 7:41 p.m.

Well, I woke up at 5am today and spent about 7 hours constructing my list and doing a substantial writeup for card choices/justifications.

If you wouldn't mind checking it out Marchesa, On the way to the top! and letting me know whatever thoughts you have about it (I'm also always willing to listen to constructive criticism). I know I've chosen some cards for my prototype list that you already spoke against and I'm aware of your opinions on those. (I've read your sections a couple times now).

December 9, 2018 4:21 p.m.

That makes sense for sure. I will personally be including Sidisi, Undead Vizier in lieu of not owning/wanting to buy the 25-40$ good tutors.

Another card that's on my definite include list that you don't have is Mana Confluence.. aka city of brass #2... it's odd to see one but not the pair of them.

I'm looking to play a bit heavier of a wizard influence utilizing metallic mimic to repeatedly sacrifice them. Including a couple extra wizards like Vindictive Lich and Disciple of Bolas. Lich helps with every facet of what we want to achieve, removal, discard or direct damage... on top of a decent sized beatstick with 4 power. Disciple can help to stabilize HP alongside basilisk collar, acts as a sacrifice outlet and draws cards. I'm a little iffier on the disciple because of it's "must" sacrifice, but I think it fights our gameplan well. Gaining life isn't necessarily always ideal, but sometimes you need to survive trample/evasive beatdown (which isn't uncommon in my meta... Arahbo cats deck + derevi -but not broken, low powerlevel- exist in my meta).

A couple other things I'm thinking about adding in are global haste enablers; Fervor and/or Anger to go alongside the lightning greaves.

I'm also looking to play a bit of the aristocrats subtheme but not heavily into it, I want to devote like no more than like 6-7 cards to it, so I'm being selective in these cards. Zealous Conscripts, Hostage Taker, Mark of Mutiny just to name a few.. i play in a low powerlevel, creature heavy meta so these effects will go a long way. (Alongside things like grave pact/dictate of erebos) ... Also Zealous Conscripts+Infernal Tribute act as a way to remove enchantments/artifacts by stealing and sacrificing them.

I'm still working on trimming my list down right now to an ideal 100, so I'm sure i'll be chiming in more as I progress through the list of cuts and figuring out what cards I want to use to fill my goals for the deck.

December 8, 2018 4:37 p.m.

Curious how Desecrated Tomb works out for you; it's not a card I would have thought about, makes sense though, gives us air blockers and sacrifice fodder.

Also what do you think about the 2 'big finisher' cards available to marchesa... Jokulhaups and Death Cloud. Basically win by blowing up everything and having your board come back while everyone else with left with nothing but a pile of burnt rubble.

December 8, 2018 3:17 p.m.




Shu Yun, One Punch Monk

Commander / EDH* Bloodytrailz

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