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My biggest issue is that your early plays are taken down easily by removal.

1) Ornithopters are wiped by Abrade, Harnessed Lightning, Fatal Push, Sweltering Suns, etc. pre-buff, most removal that can kill it can be done in response to casting Tezzeret's Touch and even if you do clear those hurdles, they are cleared by a decent amount of removal post-buff. Even if you side in counters and hand disruption Game 2, that means that you have to side out your other options beyond the Ornithopters.

2) Herald of Anguish is fine, but with your artifacts being so easy to kill, it doesn't have a high chance of comung down early enough to make a difference. Perhaps adding Servo Schematic may help (it's an artifact that pops out a servo when it enters and leaves, making it a decent target for Tezz. Touch).

3) You're lacking in the removal department and there's not much of a Plan B. Let's say you face Temur Energy: once they hit turn 3-4, they have either a way to produce thopters to block your flyers or Bristling Hydra that can literally ignore your current removal. Azban Tokens is another deck that can just make chump blockers for days and gain back any of the life that you managed to take. Your deck beating Mono Red relies on you getting a reallu great hand (and the Game 2 Bontu potentially sets you up to get hit hard the next turn with hasty creatures). U/W Approach will just make sure your board never builds up. My point is that your deck functions in a vacuum, but it has very little stopping power.

December 4, 2017 10:51 p.m.


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