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I'd be interested in your thoughts on how Paradox Haze works out. I haven't been able to try it out because my playgroup has a Mogis, God of Slaughter deck, but I'm thinking of putting it in for other situations.

October 15, 2017 7:59 p.m.

@Snap157 Yeah I used to run it, and I think it makes sense to run in a different iteration of the deck. There are other cards, like As Foretold, which also take advantage of Paradox Haze, but I'm not running them. It's a way to remove time counters from multiple cards, but I don't run very many bombs and seldom need more than one of them to drop, so that's not that useful. That, on top of the fact that it can't remove counters on the turn it drops, are the reasons I think Paradox Haze is too slow. It's still a good option in a meta where other decks also play for a late game. Thanks for the input!

October 12, 2017 5:26 p.m.

@Pachuca Having taken a look at your deck, I feel that Arcanis the Omnipotent is a better fit for you than it is for me, but that's because your deck includes a ton of slower elements that I have left out like Lonely Sandbar and other tap lands, Shivan Sand-Mage, Thran Dynamo, or Rite of Replication. You also have a greater number a slower beaters, meaning you're more likely to have more threats on the board. This approach to the deck, in my experience, is a little win-more, which is a good thing in playgroups with more mid-range and control decks and a bad thing against more control decks.

September 28, 2017 2:01 p.m.

@Pachuca While I don't think Arcanis the Omnipotent is a bad choice, I think it fills a role more like Consecrated Sphinx in that it doesn't draw you cards on the first turn you hard cast it and it's likely going to cost a lot more than Treasure Cruise. The reason I prefer Consecrated Sphinx is that it costs one less blue (my mana base is sometimes restrictive) and it can draw you control options before your next turn. It also calls for a response sooner than Arcanis the Omnipotent does. In a slower environment or in 1v1 games, Arcanis the Omnipotent might be more value, but it'd probably still be worth running other card advantage options as well.

September 28, 2017 1:44 p.m.


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