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Auriel's Binder

I am trading almost everything in my binder. This is mostly my inventory so some of the cards are in my decks. Just propose a trade and I will let you know. All of the cards are NM/M unless otherwise specified. I also have several boxes full of commons and uncommons so if you are interested just ask and I will see if I have them. I will consider all offers but please only propose then if you are serious about trading. I am looking for my wants but I will also consider trades for modern or EDH staples. Also looking at foiling my kaalia deck that you can find on my profile. If you don't see anything you want in my binder, I am willing to pay cash if we can work out a deal! Thank you.

Successful Trades: TDoubleE, EridanWwins, Unforgivn_II, blackmarker90, Apoptosis, Wolfninja

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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