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Have you thought about trying Bedlam Reveler instead of Gurmag Angler?

January 5, 2018 4:08 p.m.

What I meant when I said itll help agaisnt decks that play black was that if you get turn one Thoughtseize and they take your Saheeli Rai and youre only running one, your Felidar Guardian becomes a dead draw. What Im suggesting is that you run multiples to increase your chances of seeing them and avoid this weakness.

January 1, 2018 5:05 p.m.

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Bruh, youre running 26 instants and sorceries, where your Bedlam Reveler at?

January 1, 2018 8:25 a.m.

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Glad to see new people picking up the game! The first thing Id do if I were you editing this deck is consolidating what you want to run. In your creature base youre running almost everything as a one of, choose whichever ones you deem most efficient and run them as a playset of four. Dont worry too much about making the wrong decision because you can always change it later and that is how youll improve as a player. That being said I do love seeing the Gifted Aetherborn, I use to run it as a sideboard card against burn. If youre looking for something a bit more rigid to learn the game on Id recommend looking into budget burn which you can build for fairly cheap. I personally learned on a budget 8 rack deck but 8 rack has never really been the greatest deck. Anyways if you want help with your list let me know and Ill help you narrow it down.

January 1, 2018 6:46 a.m.

Drop the Nahiri, the Harbinger and Chandra, Torch of Defiance for two more Saheeli Rai because 8Rack and everything else with black will rip you apart if you dont. Mana base needs shocks and fetches but you probably already knew that. Youre creature base is all over the place so try to figure out what you want to focus in on. IMO you need to choose if you want to be aggro or combo because you cant be both and be competitive.

January 1, 2018 6:26 a.m.


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