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AlertKnave8075's Binder

Just doing trades, offers always welcome.

Things are always for sale, for the right price of course, just ask.

I will say i probably wont trade modern staples such as fetches/shocks for random stuff you have unless its actually on my wants list or easily trade-able value. thanks

Not interested in foreign or pre-release cards, unless its on my list.

I have recently been grading harder on card condition because i am starting to vend/trade more, please make sure what you are sending me is NM/LP unless discussed previously and agreed upon.

I play modern the most, following up with standard, trying to get to PT someday, already RPTQ qualified!, and a little legacy dabbling.

Selfless Spirit is stamped promo

bontu's reckoning is stamped promo

Unofficial successful traders:DudeMan1031, timckmorse, Lightning_Collectors, Sparky41, Vergil_Redgrail, mazrimtaim, Big-Foot, philktoken8998

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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