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1) Figure out the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend.
2) Divide that by 8.58, then round down to the nearest integer.
3) Buy that many 1/1 Goblins.

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Pretty nice deck! I've been playing control in standard for the first time myself. I'm playing UR, however, and I'm curious to learn more about some of the black and white options, as well as control building in general. To be clear, none of this is criticism, I'm just wondering. First of all, why Moment of Craving? Aren't Cast Down and Fatal Push just always better? I guess there are a few cases where it can hit things that the others can't, but they all involve creatures attacking and I would think that in those situations Seal Away becomes the better option. In a similar vein, how does Vona's Hunger usually play out? On paper that looks super janky to me. Obviously, it looks pretty good against Hazoret the Fervent and Bristling Hydras, but if it's situational why not sideboard it?

May 11, 2018 10:48 a.m.

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Finally, someone else is building a control oriented wizards deck. Yours is a little more aggressive than mine but its way more interesting than the spammy beatdown lists. Here are my suggestions:

Neither Bontu's Monument nor Trophy Mage are particularly useful unless you are trying to combo off. However, if you do a brief comparison:

Bontu's Monument: 3 mana, does absolutely nothing until you combo off. Legendary, can't even play more than one if you draw multiple copies. At best it might deal 3 or 4 damage if you are going for the beatdown plan.

Trophy Mage: 3 mana, 2/2 wizard body that also sort of draws a card. Not legendary. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Even if you haven't already drawn Bontu's Monument, if you target a Trophy Mage with the first cast of Release to the Wind, you can find your missing piece.

Based on all of this, I would say you should be playing more Trophy Mage than Bontu's Monument. You probably also want to have at least one other thing that Trophy Mage can find (you would only need one copy in the deck). Why? Because there will be times when you play Naban, Dean of Iteration on 2 and Trophy Mage on 3. In this scenario, Trophy Mage triggers twice, and since drawing two copies of Bontu's Monument is kind of worthless, you would end up losing potential value. As someone else recommended above, Metallic Mimic fits this bill quite nicely.

Additionally, is there a specific reason that you are playing multiple copies of Syncopate when you could be playing a fourth Wizard's Retort? In this deck, I would say the latter is almost a strict upgrade. The two main downsides to Wizard's Retort are that it requires a wizard on the battlefield, and two blue mana. You are mono blue wizards tribal. This is your payoff card, play it.

May 8, 2018 2:25 p.m.


Jaya's Magical Shotgun (Wizard Control)

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And then I swing for 1.6e13

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20 Goblins

Casual 40fy

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