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SP3CTR3_chelts ok so I actually hadn't looked at the new cards from core 2019 since I've recently returned to magic after quitting for a bit, so I hadn't realized that the cards you suggested were, in fact, standard legal cards. Totally my bad, I apologize. That being said, cards such as Sai, Master Thopterist are actually detrimental to the deck in the sense that it distracts from the goal of bolting the opponent with Aetherflux Reservoir, and thusly ends up taking up space in a deck that is meant to end in a completely different way than flooding the board. Secondly, Reliquary Tower looks like it would be very good, so I'll have to try it out! Regardless, thank you so much for your suggestions, and I would love to hear more of what you or anyone has to say! Sadly, this deck is probably going to stop receiving updates, and will never be truly finished, as next rotation we lose Aetherflux Reservoir and more importantly to the survival of the deck, Paradoxical Outcome.

August 16, 2018 3:46 a.m.

SP3CTR3_chelts I agree that those cards would probably be great for a deck like this in modern, however, this rendition of the deck is made for Dominaria standard. Thanks.

August 15, 2018 6:29 p.m.


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