Card Price Trend Avg Draft Avg Cube
"Rumors of My Death . . ."
Accessories to Murder $0.17
Adorable Kitten
Aerial Toastmaster $0.1
Amateur Auteur $0.09
Angelic Rocket $0.28
Animate Library $0.22
Applied Aeronautics $0.14
Arms Depot $0.17
As Luck Would Have It $0.25
Auto-Key $0.14
Baron Von Count $1.25
Beast in Show
Bee-Bee Gun $0.89
Better Than One $0.23
Big Boa Constrictor
Blurry Beeble
Border Guardian $0.14
Box of Free-Range Goblins $0.1
Bumbling Pangolin $0.14
Buzz Buggy $0.14
Buzzing Whack-a-Doodle
By Gnome Means $0.2
capital offense $0.1
Chipper Chopper $0.14
Chittering Doom
Chivalrous Chevalier $0.14
Clever Combo $0.2
Clocknapper $0.23
Common Iguana $0.14
Contraption Cannon
Crafty Octopus
Cramped Bunker $0.21
Crow Storm $0.22
Curious Killbot $0.22
Deadly Poison Sampler $0.2
Defective Detective $0.14
Delighted Killbot $0.2
Despondent Killbot $0.2
Dictation Quillograph
Dirty Rat $0.14
Dispatch Dispensary $0.17
Division Table
Do-It-Yourself Seraph $0.93
Dogsnail Engine $0.17
Dr. Julius Jumblemorph $1.03
Druid of the Sacred Beaker $0.17
Dual Doomsuits $0.24
Duplication Device $0.24
Eager Beaver $0.14
Earl of Squirrel $0.71
Enraged Killbot $0.19
Entirely Normal Armchair $0.2
Everythingamajig A
Everythingamajig B
Everythingamajig C
Everythingamajig D
Everythingamajig E
Everythingamajig F
Extremely Slow Zombie
Faerie Aerie $0.79
Feisty Stegosaurus $0.13
Finders, Keepers
First Pick $0.13
Five-Finger Discount
Forest 12.48
Garbage Elemental A
Garbage Elemental B
Garbage Elemental C
Garbage Elemental D
Garbage Elemental E
Garbage Elemental F
Genetic Recombinator
Gift Horse $0.24
Gimme Five $0.12
Gnome-Made Engine
Gnomeball Machine $0.19
GO TO JAIL $0.14
Goblin Haberdasher
Goblin Slingshot $0.2
Graveyard Busybody $0.24
Ground Pounder
Grusilda, Monster Masher $0.39
Guest List $0.23
Half-Kitten, Half- $0.2
Half-Orc, Half-
Half-Shark, Half-
Half-Squirrel, Half- $0.15
Hammer Helper
Hammer Jammer
Hammerfest Boomtacular $0.1
Handy Dandy Clone Machine $0.27
Hangman $0.24
Hard Hat Area $0.85
Hazmat Suit (Used) $0.11
Head Banger
Hoisted Hireling $0.14
Hot Fix $0.29
Humming- $0.14
Hydradoodle $0.22
Hypnotic Swirly Disc $0.22
Incite Insight $0.27
Ineffable Blessing A
Ineffable Blessing B
Ineffable Blessing C
Ineffable Blessing D
Ineffable Blessing E
Infinity Elemental $1.13
Inflation Station
Insufferable Syphon $0.17
Island 12.99
It That Gets Left Hanging $0.14
Jackknight $0.22
Jamming Device
Joyride Rigger $0.16
Just Desserts $0.14
Kindly Cognician
Kindslaver $0.22
Knight of the Kitchen Sink A
Knight of the Kitchen Sink B
Knight of the Kitchen Sink C
Knight of the Kitchen Sink D
Knight of the Kitchen Sink E
Knight of the Widget $0.14
Krark's Other Thumb $0.1
Labro Bot
Lackey Recycler
Lobe Lobber
Mad Science Fair Project $0.1
Magic Word $0.12
Mandatory Friendship Shackles
Mary O'Kill $0.26
Masterful Ninja $0.24
Mer Man $0.14
Midlife Upgrade
Modular Monstrosity $0.22
Monkey- $0.14
More or Less
Mother Kangaroo $0.14
Multi-Headed $0.14
Neural Network $0.14
Numbing Jellyfish $0.14
Oaken Power Suit $0.26
Oddly Uneven $0.23
Ol' Buzzbark $1.02
Old Guard
Old-Fashioned Vampire
Optical Optimizer
Ordinary Pony
Over My Dead Bodies $0.28
Overt Operative $0.14
Painiac $0.14
Party Crasher
Pet Project $0.81
Phoebe, Head of S.N.E.A.K. $1.5
Proper Laboratory Attire $0.13
Quick-Stick Lick Trick
Rapid Prototyper $0.77
Really Epic Punch $0.14
Record Store $0.27
Refibrillator $0.24
Rhino- $0.14
Riveting Rigger
Robo- $0.16
Rules Lawyer $0.4
S.N.E.A.K. Dispatcher $0.15
Sacrifice Play
Sap Sucker
Secret Base
Selfie Preservation
Serpentine $0.26
Shaggy Camel
Shellephant $0.12
Side Quest $0.17
Skull Saucer $0.15
Slaying Mantis
Sly Spy B
Sly Spy C
Sly Spy D
Sly Spy E
Sly Spy F
Snickering Squirrel
Socketed Sprocketer $0.14
Spell Suck $0.14
Spike, Tournament Grinder $0.5 8.0
Split Screen $0.25
Spy Eye
Squirrel Dealer
Squirrel-Powered Scheme
Staff of the Letter Magus
Stamp of Approval
Steady-Handed Mook $0.14
Steam-Powered $0.14
Steamflogger Boss $1.47 5.5
Steamflogger of the Month $0.25
Steamflogger Service Rep
Steamflogger Temp $0.16
Steamfloggery $0.1
Steel Squirrel
Stinging Scorpion $0.14
Subcontract $0.1
Summon the Pack $0.91
Sundering Fork $0.2
Super-Duper Death Ray $0.13
Suspicious Nanny $0.14
Sword of Dungeons & Dragons $3.96
Target Minotaur
Targeting Rocket $0.17
Teacher's Pet $0.1
The Big Idea $0.23
The Countdown Is at One $0.24
The Grand Calcutron $0.95
Three-Headed Goblin $0.26
Thud-for-Duds $0.17
Time Out
Top-Secret Tunnel $0.14
Tread Mill
Turbo-Thwacking Auto-Hammer $0.16
Twiddlestick Charger
Urza, Academy Headmaster $4.74 -0%
Very Cryptic Command A
Very Cryptic Command B
Very Cryptic Command C
Very Cryptic Command D
Very Cryptic Command E
Very Cryptic Command F
Voracious Vacuum
Wall of Fortune
Watermarket $0.46
Widget Contraption $0.17
Wild Crocodile
Willing Test Subject
Work a Double
Wrench-Rigger $0.11
X $0.48
Zombified $0.18

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