Shadowmoor [SHM]

Rune-Cervin Rider Parapet Watchers Loch Korrigan Blistering Dieflyn Foxfire Oak
Armored Ascension Flow of Ideas Corrupt Jaws of Stone Howl of the Night Pack
Ballynock Cohort Briarberry Cohort Ashenmoor Cohort Mudbrawler Cohort Crabapple Cohort
Kithkin Rabble Faerie Swarm Crowd of Cinders Horde of Boggarts Drove of Elves
Inquisitor's Snare Consign to Dream Gloomlance Ember Gale Gloomwidow's Feast
Windbrisk Raptor Isleback Spawn Hollowborn Barghest Knollspine Dragon Mossbridge Troll
Apothecary Initiate Drowner Initiate Smolder Initiate Intimidator Initiate Nurturer Initiate
Resplendent Mentor Deepchannel Mentor Corrosive Mentor Bloodmark Mentor Roughshod Mentor
Mine Excavation Ghastly Discovery Disturbing Plot Burn Trail Gleeful Sabotage
Spectral Procession Advice from the Fae Beseech the Queen Flame Javelin Tower Above
Twilight Shepherd River Kelpie Puppeteer Clique Furystoke Giant Woodfall Primus
Boon Reflection Thought Reflection Wound Reflection Rage Reflection Mana Reflection
Niveous Wisps Cerulean Wisps Aphotic Wisps Crimson Wisps Viridescent Wisps
Strip Bare Prismwake Merrow Torture Bloodshed Fever Hungry Spriggan
Mass Calcify Spell Syphon Incremental Blight Power of Fire Toil to Renown
Greater Auramancy Knacksaw Clique Plague of Vermin Wild Swing Wildslayer Elves
Safehold Sentry Cursecatcher Sickle Ripper Rustrazor Butcher Gloomwidow
Woeleecher Sinking Feeling Hollowsage Slinking Giant Prismatic Omen
Barrenton Medic Kinscaer Harpoonist Polluted Bonds Knollspine Invocation Flourishing Defenses
Mistmeadow Skulk Puca's Mischief Midnight Banshee Puncture Bolt Raking Canopy
Runed Halo Counterbore Dusk Urchins Elemental Mastery Devoted Druid
Kithkin Shielddare Savor the Moment Cinderbones Deep-Slumber Titan Spawnwrithe
Last Breath Merrow Wavebreakers Rite of Consumption Boggart Arsonists Farhaven Elf
Prison Term Leech Bonder Cinderhaze Wretch Pyre Charger Dramatic Entrance
Order of Whiteclay Biting Tether Splitting Headache Cragganwick Cremator Presence of Gond
Goldenglow Moth Whimwader Faerie Macabre Inescapable Brute Witherscale Wurm
Pale Wayfarer Put Away Blowfly Infestation Smash to Smithereens Juvenile Gloomwidow
Thistledown Duo Gravelgill Duo Emberstrike Duo Tattermunge Duo Safehold Duo
AEthertow Memory Sluice Giantbaiting Traitor's Roar Barkshell Blessing
Barrenton Cragtreads Wanderbrine Rootcutters Mudbrawler Raiders Sootwalkers Raven's Run Dragoon
Mistmeadow Witch Inkfathom Witch Spiteflame Witch Tattermunge Witch Seedcradle Witch
Fate Transfer Steel of the Godhead Demigod of Revenge Kulrath Knight Fossil Find
Loamdragger Giant Cemetery Puca Somnomancer Sootstoke Kindler Dawnglow Infusion
Reaper King Tyrannize Sygg, River Cutthroat Everlasting Torment Heartmender
Fists of the Demigod Manaforge Cinder Scarscale Ritual Plumeveil Cultbrand Cinder
Torpor Dust Vexing Shusher Medicine Runner Wilt-Leaf Liege Spiteful Visions
Memory Plunder Mirrorweave Boartusk Liege Inkfathom Infiltrator River's Grasp
Silkbind Faerie Dire Undercurrents Ashenmoor Gouger Safewright Quest Dream Salvage
Fracturing Gust Elvish Hexhunter Wasp Lancer Scuzzback Scrapper Shield of the Oversoul
Fulminator Mage Tattermunge Maniac Zealous Guardian Glamer Spinners Kitchen Finks
Valleymaker Curse of Chains Thoughtweft Gambit Gravelgill Axeshark Old Ghastbark
Glen Elendra Liege Godhead of Awe Grief Tyrant Oracle of Nectars Puresight Merrow
Din of the Fireherd Ashenmoor Liege Runes of the Deus Enchanted Evening Thistledown Liege
Augury Adept Rhys the Redeemed Impromptu Raid Mercy Killing Oona's Gatewarden
Oona, Queen of the Fae Turn to Mist Repel Intruders Scar Murderous Redcap
Swans of Bryn Argoll Wheel of Sun and Moon Scuzzback Marauders Torrent of Souls Reknit
Guttural Response Ghastlord of Fugue Morselhoarder Wort, the Raidmother Worldpurge
Firespout Boggart Ram-Gang Safehold Elite Deus of Calamity Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers
Rosheen Meanderer Helm of the Ghastlord Manamorphose Oversoul of Dusk Merrow Grimeblotter
Poison the Well
Blazethorn Scarecrow Rattleblaze Scarecrow Thornwatch Scarecrow Watchwing Scarecrow Wingrattle Scarecrow
Elsewhere Flask Heap Doll Scrapbasket Chainbreaker Wicker Warcrawler
Gnarled Effigy Pili-Pala Lurebound Scarecrow Illuminated Folio Tatterkite
Umbral Mantle Trip Noose Revelsong Horn Painter's Servant Blight Sickle
Cauldron of Souls Lockjaw Snapper Grim Poppet
Mistveil Plains Moonring Island Leechridden Swamp Madblind Mountain Sapseep Forest
Wooded Bastion Sunken Ruins Graven Cairns Fire-Lit Thicket
Mystic Gate
Reflecting Pool
Plains Island Swamp Mountain Forest