Will Ballyrush Banneret lower soldier token summons too?

Asked by GearNoir 4 years ago

Will Ballyrush Banneret lower the cost of specific things like Mobilization 's soldier token summon? Or are these activation costs not considered casting?

Raging_Squiggle says... Accepted answer #1

An activated ability is not a spell, therefore cards that lower the cost of spells do not apply. Ragemonger, Edgewalker, etc.

However, cards like Heartstone and Training Grounds are what you're looking for if you wanted to lower the activation costs on creatures. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any card that lowers the activation costs on non-creature permanents.

January 8, 2016 8:37 p.m.


Relevant non-creature tribal cards will apply to the cost reduction while being cast: Veteran's Armaments, Surge of Thoughtweft, and Militia's Pride. Because they have the subtype Kithkin or Soldier.

January 8, 2016 8:42 p.m.

GearNoir says... #3

Alrighty, thanks!

January 8, 2016 8:48 p.m.

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