Will Angels Trumpet Trigger and cause a tap on a Flickered creature that already attacked on that turn?

Asked by NorainJS 1 year ago

With an Angel's Trumpet out on my side, someone attacked with their commander, after resolving combat, they flickered their commander. What happens to that creature in regards to Angel's Trumpet? Also what would have happened if their commander had died, then be cast again from the commander zone? It was a casual game so we resolved that it was the same creature so it would not be affected (just to keep the game going) but I would like to know for future reference.

BlueScope says... Accepted answer #1

Please link all cards relevant to your question: Angel's Trumpet

A permanent that leaves and enters a zone is considered a new object, so it also didn't attack this turn. Whether this happens through flickering, re-casting or by other means doesn't matter. Angel's Trumpet will trigger and deal damage to the opponent accordingly.

May 17, 2017 10:35 a.m.

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