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Asked by DarkMagician 1 year ago

So as we were playing today a few questions came up in my playgroup (and a few more came up in the back of my mind on the way home).

1) If I cast Song of the Dryads enchanting Confusion in the Ranks does the Ranks trigger of of the Song?

2) Does Gideon, Battle-Forged receive a bonus from Grimlock, Dinobot Leader  Flip?

3) Would Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun get a boost from Grimlock, Dinobot Leader  Flip if it were a creature?

Rhadamanthus says... Accepted answer #1

For question 1: There's no trigger. When you check right after the event (Song of the Dryads entering the battlefield) to see if anything is supposed to trigger, Confusion in the Ranks doesn't have any abilities.

For questions 2 and 3: It's not 100% clear, but the answer is most likely "no". If Grimlock, Dinobot Leader's text was intended to refer to double-faced cards in general, it would say so. As-written, it seems to be referring to either a "Transformers" creature subtype or a very specific subgroup of Transformer DFCs (of which Grimlock is currently the only example).

December 4, 2017 11:21 p.m.

DarkMagician says... #2

Rhadamanthus Any creature that has the word transform on it (nearly all double faced cards do) is considered a Transformer for the purpose of Grimlock. Gideon's creature side definitely gets it however I'm not sure if his Planeswalker side does. Other creatures capable of transforming but lacking the ability to transform back to their original state receive the bonus so I think Gideon as a Planeswalker does as well but I wanted clarification for my playgroup.

December 5, 2017 12:11 a.m.

Neotrup says... #3

If either side of a double face card says "Transform" or "Transformed," both sides get the +2/+0. I believe this covers 100% of double-faced cards and 0% of meld cards, but I could be wrong.

December 5, 2017 11:36 a.m.

Rhadamanthus says... #4

Sorry, I hadn't yet read about that. After some searching (which is difficult at the moment because of the way my work's firewall blocks various game-related things), I finally found mentions of a MaRo tumblr post that verifies what you're saying. If that's the case then the answer to 2 and 3 is "yes". Any DFC that uses the transform keyword action on either side counts as a "Transformer".

December 5, 2017 1:01 p.m.

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