extent of hexproof player protection

Asked by Top_Decker 6 years ago

I was playing and got into an argument over whether hexproof prevented a spell or not. My opponent had Aegis of the Gods and I later played Crypt Incursion and the argument arose over this wording:

"Exile all creature cards from target player's graveyard." He said that I cannot cast that spell because he is hexproof. I claim that I targeted his graveyard, not him, and that he is not his graveyard. Essentially, his claim is any card with the words "target player" in it is covered. I think that is too broad.

Who is right?


GoldGhost012 says... Accepted answer #1

Your opponent is, exactly for the reasons he said. Crypt Incursion targets you, not your graveyard, even though your graveyard is the only thing affected. Compare it to a card like Beckon Apparition , which specifies a target card in a graveyard, not a player.

Aegis of the Gods protects its controller from all cards that say "target player," be it a Crypt Incursion or a Skullcrack .

June 16, 2014 9:55 p.m.

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