Trying to Finish my Tasigur List

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Posted on March 2, 2017, 10:07 a.m. by buildingadeck

Hey, guys,

I'm looking to pick up these things:

1x Alchemist's Refuge

1x Arcane Denial

1x Barren Moor

1x Consecrated Sphinx

1x Delay

1x Demonic Tutor

1x Entomb

1x Exploration

1x Gilded Drake

1x Long-Term Plans

1x Mystical Tutor

1x Pact of Negation

1x Pernicious Deed

1x Seedborn Muse

1x Snapcaster Mage

1x Tainted Wood

1x Toxic Deluge

1x Tranquil Thicket

1x Yawgmoth's Will

I want to go to the Open on March 11 and play side events, so I'd really like to get this list together for it. You can check out my binder here, and also know that I'm willing to put cash toward some of these cards (would have to be cash; can't do PayPal).


KillDatBUG says... #2

I have a Graveborn Entomb I'd love to sell for $$ (to get my MM3 box). Interested?

March 2, 2017 1:24 p.m.

buildingadeck says... #3

KillDatBUG: Would you sell it for $10 cash?

March 2, 2017 3:13 p.m.

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