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Posted on Feb. 11, 2018, 11:23 a.m. by SamCre1993

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been able to be too active in the trading community lately. Med school has been eating up most of my time. And also my wallet! Which brings me to my post today. I have many cards that I would like to sell. These prices should beat TCGplayer low and I can ship out as soon as I receive payment (PayPal please). I can mail with tracked shipping but that will just be a tad extra. Non-tracked shipping is free. Here are the cards:

Tarmogoyf $50

Maelstrom Pulse (LP,ALA) $14

Kiora, Master of the Depths (NM, BFZ,) $3

Solemn Simulacrum (NM, MPS) $45

Kokusho, the Evening Star (NM,MM,F) $18

Elspeth, Sun's Champion (NM, Theros) $8

Dack Fayden (CON, Signed by Eric Deschamps, NM), $10

Marsh Flats (MM3, NM, F) $35

Deathrite Shaman (EMA, NM) x2 $3 each

Deathrite Shaman (RTR, NM) x2 $3 each

Wasteland (LP, Tempest) x4 $23 each

Daze (NM, EMA) x4 $1 each

Ponder (NM,M10) x2 $1.50 each

Ponder (NM,M12) x2 $1.50 each

Brainstorm (NM, EMA) x3 $1 each

Brainstorm (NM, CON) x1 $1

Gitaxian Probe (NM, NPH) x4 $1.50 each

Delver of Secrets  Flip (NM, Inninstrad) x4 $1 each

Baleful Strix (NM) x1 EMA, x1 Commander 2016, $1.50 each

Cabal Therapy (NM, EMA) x4 $1 each

Pyroblast (NM,EMA) x2 $1 each

Winter Orb (NM, EMA) x2 $2.50 each

PS, I was having trouble getting the right set to appear in the picture. However, the set in the parenthesis is correct. The delver is not foil.

Lost_Ascendant says... #2

Any way I can see a picture of Dack Fayden ? I'm pretty interested.

February 11, 2018 1:40 p.m.

Tyqar says... #3

I'm sorry, are your delvers foil? If so, I'll happily buy all four for that price.

February 12, 2018 9:15 p.m.

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