Binder is up, looking for trades

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Posted on Jan. 6, 2019, 11:25 p.m. by pskinn01

Binder is up but neither my have list nor my want list is complete. Still have lots to add to both. Willing to look at binders.

Prefer trades in the US only, but have made exceptions in the past.

Prefer larger trades over smaller ones. Won't do trades under $25 total value.

Prefer trading into same or lower number of cards, like I send 1 get one, or I send 6 get 4.

I mainly play edh at casual/semi competitive groups. And I am currently trying to build a sleeved up playable deck of each color combination - currently have 29 out of 32 done with some listed on here.

I am a limited player also.

I work long hours(48+ hours a week), but will try to get back with any offers asap.

All other info is on my binder. My dropbox account to set to vacation mode and the lists on that is out of date.

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