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Posted on June 21, 2019, 3:07 p.m. by KongMing

Hey there all,

I've seen lots of posts from people who don't run tutors in their pods, or in certain deck builds. Recently, I noticed a couple of my decks didn't have tutors either, and I thought it would be a fitting tag for people who are looking for good decks with no tutors.

What do people think? Good idea, or good idea that needs more refinement?

legendofa says... #1

The Tutorless hub is inactive, but I don't appear to have the ability to delete it--it's still searchable and attached to the decks that currently have it, but it can't be selected as a hub. This may have to go through yeaGO, or just live on as a relic.

July 20, 2019 12:09 a.m.

KongMing says... #2

Okay, cool.

Oddly enough, on the 19th, one of the people I reached out to notified me that it was okay to use their decks as examples, lol. I let them know to add the Hub if they could. Might be too late now, but oh well.

July 24, 2019 7:38 p.m.

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