SRS Forum rules (Read before posting)

Spoilers, Rumors, and Speculation forum

Posted on Jan. 16, 2016, 8:15 a.m. by Epochalyptik

Spoilers, Rumors, and Speculation (SRS) covers the following topics:

  • Speculative or spoiled cards for new sets
  • Rumors or speculation about future products
  • Rumors or speculation about new formats

SRS does not cover the following topics:

  • Economic speculation (see Economics)
  • Discussions about lore (see Lore)
  • Discussions about the future of a particular format, including bans, unbans, and decks (post in the forum specific to that format)

General rules:

  • When posting a thread, check the recent threads to see if the topic is already covered. If it is, post in the existing thread instead.
  • When posting a speculation about some upcoming product, card, format, etc., provide evidence or reasoning to support your opinion.
  • When posting spoilers, include an image of the card you're spoiling and a link to the source.

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