My deck needs a better title

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Posted on Feb. 25, 2018, 10:28 a.m. by Hallowed_Titan

As the title deck needs a better title. The deck in question is on my profile. I can't remember how to link decks, sorry.

It's a budget-ish living end deck. Currently called The Budget End but it has grown in price over the years to due to price increases.

"Unliving End" is kind of easy mode, since it's about reanimation. By the way, you link a deck by putting its name after the word deck: in a set of double square brackets. There's a button over every comment box (that looks like a deckbox) to insert this tag for you. i.e. The Budget End

February 25, 2018 1:55 p.m.

Hallowed_Titan says... #3

Thanks. Been a while lol

February 25, 2018 5:16 p.m.

Gattison says... #4

You should name it "Please Don't Cast Blood Moon." lol, jk =P

Seriously though, how about:

"Making Living Ends Meet"

"The Living Budget"

"The Cascading End"

"Violent Delights, Violent Ends" (Westworld HBO series reference)


February 28, 2018 6:24 p.m.

kamarupa says... #5

I like to think of lots of titles without caring about which are good or not, so here's some off the top of my head. Maybe something will at least get you thinking in a new direction.

Living Beyond Your Means

Medusa Cascade (Doctor Who reference?)

Living Means You Recycle

Making Ends Meet

Cascade's End

The End is just the middle

Dumpster Dive Steak

Living CheaterBring Out Your Dead/I'm Not Dead Yet (Monty Python reference - lots of potential reference lines here:

Death/Grave Pass

Jammy Dodgers (Doctor Who reference)

Grave Cascade

Second Coming

Born from the Grave

Cascade Summoner

Digging for Life

Archeologist's Imagination

Back from the Cascade

[Return of the] Bogmen [of the Cascade]

Corrupt Cascade (consonance - "C"

Dirty Cascade (pun on dirt/grave)

Elastic Cascade

Ecstatic Cascade

Electric Cascade

Rubberbandits (like, your creatures sort of bounce and they're cheaters?)

Gummy Bears (Nasty things that stick to you?)

Living Blend

Empty Graves

Flooded Dead

Phantom Cascade

Wait 'til the End

Resurrection Cascade

Epileptic Cascade

March 5, 2018 11 p.m.

Hallowed_Titan says... #6

Holy crap, I didn't expect so many ideas. Thank you all, I am grateful. This should be plenty of inspiration.

March 6, 2018 6:42 a.m.

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