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Posted on July 9, 2019, 10:43 a.m. by Zane102

Heya! I'm somewhat a decent player at modern and wanna make another deck! It'll be a ramp deck with elementals. I already have cards planned but need ideas for removals and such. I think some of these cards will work out. Hopefully! Let me know what you guys think! Overgrowth Elemental Yarok's Wavecrasher Boreal Elemental x3 Silverback Shaman x2 Cloudkin Seer Healer of the Glade x3 (want 4) Leafkin Druid X3 Risen Reef X3 (want 4) Thicket Crasher Bioessence Hydra Master Biomancer Vorel of the Hull Clade For lands I have Temple of Mystery (want 4) Thornwood Falls (want 4) Let me know suggestions please~

Will361405 says... #2

In blue and green removal can be hard to come by, I recommend Dismember and if you want Beast Within as it deals with any permanent including planeswalkers and tron lands.

July 9, 2019 11:01 a.m.

rolfMTG says... #3

Just playing your creatures is not enough in modern; try including more interaction (like the cards Will mentioned), mana dorks (like Birds of Paradise or Llanowar Elves ), and value spells (e.g. Collected Company ), while cutting slow/expensive cards (that is, 4 cmc or more)

July 9, 2019 11:32 a.m.

I think this deck will be a lot more successful in standard. The cards you listed that aren't standard-legal (biomancer, vorel) don't seem like they would synergize well with elementals.

July 9, 2019 11:53 a.m.

Sarkhan420X says... #5

post a link to the deck instead of just listing all the cards. easier to read that way. you should definitely add red to the deck, and use more efficient creatures. most of your creatures cost too much mana for how little they do. red gives access to things like Flamekin Harbinger , Smokebraider , and Creeping Trailblazer

July 10, 2019 11:16 p.m.

lagotripha says... #6

Temur elementals feels the way to go. It also gives access to Young Pyromancer which gets a little silly with reef.

Its worth looking at turns 1-2-3 and planning around that- elementals has amazing options;

Old spellslinger cards like Nivmagus Elemental , value like Voice of Resurgence , Flickerwisp and Mulldrifter , a blink subtheme with Shorecrasher Elemental , tribal cards like Brighthearth Banneret and Rage Forger , staples like Fulminator Mage , weird synergy/combo like Vesperlark / Reveillark or Necroskitter , a land animation subtheme( Wind Zendikon , Sylvan Awakening , etc), combo ramp in Soulbright Flamekin / Runaway Steam-Kin / Storm Entity , take over the game cards like Spawnwrithe , graveyard strats like Vengevine / Splinterfright / Thunderkin Awakener .

There is enough support for pretty much anything from control to aggro- it just needs a dig into what synergies you need and what supporting cards make that good.

July 13, 2019 8:50 a.m.

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