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Posted on May 9, 2019, 3:23 a.m. by MadE92

Hey guys!

I'm looking for some advice on a kick ass deck to compete with a mates infect deck.

At first I thought Eldrazi, but they were pretty expensive.

Looking for options! Doesn't have to be new cards. Even any suggestions for some cool decks out there?

Vman says... #2

burn is a pretty miserable matchup for infect. just remember to not make the mistakes most playersdo which is being cheeky with removal.

always use removal on your turn if possible, dont let ur opponent get extra value from protection pump spells.

May 9, 2019 6:21 a.m.

lagotripha says... #3

If you look at an infect primer, they really don't like facing Lingering Souls , blockers with flash, and card-advantage based spot removal. A hand of Oust and Think Twice is often enough. If you look through midrange budget lists with lingering souls, It'll show a lot of cool options. War of the spark has just put out a lot of great cards at common and uncommon which will be dirt cheap for a while- the uncommon plainswalkers are notable.

If you just hate infect and want to stop them playing it, Solemnity combo is both competitive and impossible to beat, and Burn has a lot of tools that infect can't compete with.

If you want something that will be interesting to play against infect, I'd look at the undying keyword as a 'you can't kill my creatures with infect creatures' soft punishment, and similar interactions which encourage your opponent to take a slower gameplan (turbo Fog ?).

May 9, 2019 8:27 a.m.

Funkydiscogod says... #4

One thing you can do, to make a cheap anti-Infect deck, is by finding and using spells that cause you to pay or lose life. Since Infect doesn't care about your life total, this negates the one drawback of these spells. This was traditionally called "suicide black" and (depending on your era) featured spells like Devour in Shadow , Raving Oni-Slave , Imp's Mischief , and other spells that are unreasonably effective for their manacost, because you lose life when you play them.

Since most of their creatures are 1/1, and need pumping, Night of Souls' Betrayal or Curse of Death's Hold win instantly. And don't forget that infect hates Gut Shot and Quicksand .

If you're good at brewing, Immortal Coil shuts down infect as long as it's on the battlefield: those decks are basically designed to deal exactly 10 damage, and can't handle the prevention effect very well. Cracking Polluted Delta , and Thought Scour ing yourself, is a good start to padding your "life total" out of range of infect and burn (bonus points if you're trying to Harmless Offering it to your opponent and pack mainboard graveyard hate , because you beat dredge and phoenix, too). This strategy is basically a metagame answer, because traditional grixis control does better against a wider board.

Occasionally, an infect player might forget that Darkness is a modern legal black Fog , and walk right into it, but your friend will only ever fall for that once.

May 10, 2019 3:37 a.m.

captainamerica says... #5

I'm playing a budget UR Delver of Secrets  Flip deck featuring Nivmagus Elemental and Gigadrowse , which makes the matchup miserable for mono-green infect. If you use it to tap down their lands at the perfect time, they lose their ability to keep up. e.g. being turn 2 in their upkeep tap down their land, they can respond, but it forces them to use their combat tricks in their upkeep and prevents any surprise blowouts.

May 14, 2019 10:40 a.m.

SwirlySnake17 says... #6

I have a great deck that competes with infect. It is pretty easy to run, seeing as infect doesn't have removal. Let me get it up and I will paste the decklink. My main deck is an Infect deck, so when I am bored, I usually have these two decks play each other as they are both pretty viable in modern. It uses Melira, Sylvok Outcast and Persist, so if you don't mind dropping 50-70 dollars on a fun deck than this one could be for you.

May 14, 2019 11:19 a.m.

SwirlySnake17 says... #7


Hostilemob01 helped me a little in making this deck (I had him look some stuff up for me) so thanks to him!

May 14, 2019 11:26 a.m.

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