Chronicles of Bolas: Blood and Fire

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Posted on July 18, 2018, 6:49 p.m. by YaBoyScoot

In which Tae Jin speaks a story whispered into his mind, and the group is confronted by one of the Tarkir's Dragonlords.


YaBoyScoot says... #2

Dragonlords and Clans Show

July 18, 2018 6:58 p.m.

DemonDragonJ says... #3

I enjoyed this story, but I am very displeased that we shall now need to wait another week for the characters to reach Ugin;s grave; WotC is really building my anticipation for that event to occur.

July 18, 2018 9:17 p.m.

DuTogira says... #4

DemonDragonJ That probably won’t happen till story 8. Story 6 will be Ojutai showing up and more of bolas’ perspective on the story. Story 7 will involve Ojutai v Atarka and a convergence of Ugin/Bolas emotional damage. Story 8 will be the arrival at the grave.
Just my prediction... I think we’ve got a while to go.

July 19, 2018 1:49 a.m.

landofMordor says... #5

So, is it just me, or are the dragonlords complete jerks all around? Like, I get that from a gameplay standpoint that dragons are a pretty popular Tammy/Spike tribe, but as a Vorthos, they are just the worst. And the fact that they were literally retconned back to life to fulfill Sarkhan's fanboy delusions doesn't make it any better. So I'm rooting for Yasova and Tae Jin to go all ghostfire on Atarka, etc, and for dragons to make 0 other appearances in this storyline.

YaBoyScoot, I think you might be right that the clans will experience a resurgence. I'm wondering, however, if there will be a new status quo after taking down the dragonlords -- maybe involving a peaceful harmony between dragon and khan -- because it seems a little disingenuous for WotC to retcon their retcon.

July 19, 2018 8:33 a.m.

Phaetion says... #6

Atarka's such a jerk. "chomps Tell me the truth or he gets it."

But isn't this building up to the Elder Dragon War? I thought the five fought alongside each other.

July 19, 2018 9:02 a.m.

redkhan says... #7

Phaetion I'm pretty sure the beginning of the Elder Dragon War is be described here. In lore Nicol was the one who won the war and the others were just survivors.

July 19, 2018 9:27 a.m.

Phaetion says... #8

redkhan: Ok, it makes sense now. Thanks.

July 19, 2018 2:16 p.m.

RicketyEng says... #9

Just to clarify since I'm not convinced everyone is on the same page here wrt Tarkir:

The events being described on Tarkir are not changing the timeline yet again. Those events happened 18 years after the Kahnfall and have always existed in the Dragons of Tarkir timeline. We should not be expecting to see any of the dragonlords meeting an untimely end because we know they survive to the present day. The Tarkir portion of these stories is primarily a medium in which to set a series of flashbacks which are the main storytelling goal for this set. The Tarkir character developments and cultural insights are wonderful extra details and world development for Tarkir, but they are a secondary portion of this story.

There may be a possible third reason to set the flashbacks within this particular story on Tarkir. That reason could be to show us that the people of Tarkir made some effort to not completely forget about the Kahn-led clans. That might be a seed crystal to build a return to Tarkir around in the present day, 1300 years after the Kahnfall.

July 19, 2018 6:35 p.m.

MWorl91 says... #10

Does anyone know where this weeks story is?

July 27, 2018 11:37 p.m.

Phaetion says... #11

It appears there isn't one this week. I imagine it'll start up again next week.

July 28, 2018 8:27 a.m. Edited.

DuTogira says... #12

RicketyEng if i had to guess as to why the story here takes place on Tarkir, it's because in this reality Ugin is killed (almost?) by Bolas, with some help from Yasova.
If I had to hazard a guess, yasova is going to try to rectify this mistake by taking part in Ugin's resurrection and eventual co-operation with the gatewatch in stopping Bolas' current plans.
In short: expect a new Ugin walker soon... hopefully setting a precedence for the first balanced colorless walker?

July 31, 2018 7:06 p.m.

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