Difference between Grand Prix / Pro Tour?

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Posted on March 13, 2017, 6:17 p.m. by RedUndead40

Thinking about attending my first real magic event at GP Las Vegas, not sure what to expect. What makes it different from the pro tour?

LeaPlath says... #2

A GP is an event anyone can enter over 2 days. Basically you need to go at least 8-2 or something to make day 2 of it.

A pro tour is the "win a PPTQ, win a PTQ, get a free trip to the PT" thing

March 13, 2017 6:22 p.m.

Entrei says... #3

Grand Prix anyone can show up, for the initial round that is, and goes up. For pro tour, only the highest ranked can attend, and there is all sorts of qualifiers.

TLDR; pro tour is all pros, GP is a mox of everyone who wanted to go

March 13, 2017 6:23 p.m.

RedUndead40 says... #4

Okay. So if anyone can show to the GP why do stores have entry events? Do you just sign up for it and not play?

March 13, 2017 6:46 p.m.

McSleuthburger says... #5

if you win a grand prix trial you may get some (I think 2) round byes

March 13, 2017 8:20 p.m.

EmblemMan says... #6

If you win a grand prix trial you are awarded 2 byes for the first two rounds of the grand prix associated with your grand prix trial. To attend a pro tour you need to win a preliminary pro tour qualifier which then qualifies you for a regional pro tour qualifier and you need to win that. You can also qualify for a pro tour by reaching enough pro points within a yearly season. You can obtain these by doing well at larger tournaments like grand prixs. Grand prixs are usually larger than the pro tour because anyone with 70 bucks can enter so long as they have not reached maximum capacity for the tournament where as pro tours are invite only essentially by doing well at other tournaments. Pro tours are often times the best of the magic players across the world typically around 300-400 people.

Also these days you need to go 6-3 at a grand prix on day one to make it to day two.

March 13, 2017 9:09 p.m.

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