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Posted on Dec. 7, 2017, 5:46 p.m. by Snap157

I've always enjoyed coming up with ideas for new planes for WotC to feature, and am interested in what you guys would like to see for a new plane!

Share your ideas below for new planes/storylines. Go nuts!

zephramtripp says... #2

Garbage Plane - Entire plane populated by Garbage Elementals. Lands all feature various landfills, waterborne trash-heaps, and sewage deposits. All cards are either trash or trash your opponent. (Insert least liked planeswalker here) ends up on the plane by mere chance and spends time trying to figure out what Bolas is scheming, because clearly why else would a Garbage plane exist. Non-garbage living creatures have to be adapted to the toxic environment and the planeswalker has to wear a face-mask to be able to breathe.

December 7, 2017 5:58 p.m.

MagicalHacker says... #3

zephramtripp, Ragnarok did that with Sakaar, so I am down! It obviously can be done, and done well too. See for more info.

I'd like a plane that is a shapeshifting plane that changes form based on who is the most powerful being on it, but also sucking that person into becoming slowly taken over by the plane to never want to leave. A parasitic plane that sucks planewalkers in only to keep them stuck the more powerful they are. Like a sticky fly trap for powerful beings.

December 7, 2017 6:22 p.m.

Name: (IDK I am not some linguist) something simple that means victorian and old western and imperial.

Setting: 1800s America setting. Old west, Victorian cities, settlers crossing a large continent.

People: The government of this plane is a strict caste based feudal system. The most elite echeleons are made up of nature mages who can bend nature to their will. allowing them to reshape and control farms and food supply. The lower rungs are made up of mind mages and more nefarious types that are willing to enforce their lord's bidding. the nonmagic users are serfdom underneath these magical overlords. However not all magic users take part in this caste system. A radical fringe coalition of elves, humans and merrow have actively been seeking to change the status quo.

Red:Burn is back but it often is based on what is in play, Deal X where is Y, will be common. The main creatures in red are humans, goblins and very few dragons. their main theme is "if your opponent has cast one or more spells this turn, gain (insert bonus here)."

Blue: Counter magic is huge but it comes with draw backs such as dealing damage to yourself. This is to represent the difficult nature of casting such magic on this plane. Another theme is "basic lands matter" spells and creatures will gain certain bonuses if you have certain numbers of basic lands in play. This is the keyword "Back to Nature." This keyword is shared with Green to an extent Red as well.

Green: Green is getting slightly color shifted. A lot of cards in green will have activated and triggered abilites. the activated abilities will maninuplate the board and lands but it will also have a slight push to instant speed card draw. the creatures will almost exlusively be elves and non-humanoids.

White: White is the human color that will focus on "abilities matter." there will be cards that are stronger or weaker depending on the number of creatures that have activated abilites. also there will be big dumb creatures that have no effects but are pushed on the curve. I'm thinking a Human Soldier that costs 1WW that is a 4/4. I know it is not the most exciting. Further more some elves will be white, these are the rebelious rebels who will gain bonuses for how many different creature types are on the battleffield.

Black: Discard spells are huge and enter the battlefield effects. Also I see many cards that have a "Pay (Cost), return this card to owner's hand." This is the merrow and vampire faction. The main playing style would be midrange and value spells that can be cast over and over if you can afford the price. symbolic of "I'll serve you, if you can pay the price."

Colorless: Yay Wastes get their comeback tour. Colorless matters in this plane. The cities if you will are colorless and the more cosmopolitan denizens of this plane will be colorless as well. These creatures will gain bonuses for no spells being cast, that will trigger at the endstep. also they will be able to sacrifice themselves for even bigger effects such as killing creatures and counter magic.

Multicolor: Very few if any multicolored cards other than each factions legendary creature "leader." I suppose a planeswalker or two can be multicolored.

Theme: I really want to play on the industrial revolution, however this time the rural power brokers are not going quietly as they have a vested interest in keeping a less industrious population. This also while trying to maintain their stranglehold on politics. We can add some flavor of the revolutionary wars that were so common throughout the late 1700s and 1800s. basically we have a soceity in flux from a feudal agrarian system trying to become a more democratic industrial system. as the story progresses we learn that none of the power brokers on either side of the equation are exactly innocent and they have all been playing the people for their own ends.

Mechanics: Discussed above

Conflict: The ability of the people to access mana has been dwindling for generations. Each year less and less magic users are born. Now a more sinister turn has occured, mages, wizards, druids, telepaths and magic users of all kind are losing their powers. This is a problem for the ruling elite who lay claim to their titles based on their ability to sling spells. To make matters worse the fires of revolution are burning on all corners of the plane, threatening to throw an already weakened soceity into all carnage.

Characters:Male Elf: Young nature mage who comes to learn that he is one of only a handful left able to bend the crops and that for years his order has artifically kept the food supply low, allowing many to starve.

Female Goblin: Wise old soldier who grew tired of fighting for an imperial peace who is now training the resistance.

androgynous merfolk: an irrigation mage who yearns for a life of adventure whose spark ignites when their village is destroyed in a raid but by which faction?

Human: An angry zealot who actively calls for the overthrow of the mageocracy. He had been imprisoned for twenty years for open sedition and now he finds that their only child has become a magical enforcer for those who imprisoned them.

Magical enforcer: The child of the above character.

Obligatory Jace Planeswalker: Comes to this plane to investigate possible ties to Eldrazi or Bolas activity and inadvertently discovers that he cannot muster enough power to planeswalk away.

December 7, 2017 7:04 p.m.

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