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Posted on Dec. 7, 2017, 5:46 p.m. by Snap157

I've always enjoyed coming up with ideas for new planes for WotC to feature, and am interested in what you guys would like to see for a new plane!

Share your ideas below for new planes/storylines. Go nuts!

zephramtripp says... #2

Garbage Plane - Entire plane populated by Garbage Elementals. Lands all feature various landfills, waterborne trash-heaps, and sewage deposits. All cards are either trash or trash your opponent. (Insert least liked planeswalker here) ends up on the plane by mere chance and spends time trying to figure out what Bolas is scheming, because clearly why else would a Garbage plane exist. Non-garbage living creatures have to be adapted to the toxic environment and the planeswalker has to wear a face-mask to be able to breathe.

December 7, 2017 5:58 p.m.

MagicalHacker says... #3

zephramtripp, Ragnarok did that with Sakaar, so I am down! It obviously can be done, and done well too. See for more info.

I'd like a plane that is a shapeshifting plane that changes form based on who is the most powerful being on it, but also sucking that person into becoming slowly taken over by the plane to never want to leave. A parasitic plane that sucks planewalkers in only to keep them stuck the more powerful they are. Like a sticky fly trap for powerful beings.

December 7, 2017 6:22 p.m.

Name: (IDK I am not some linguist) something simple that means victorian and old western and imperial.

Setting: 1800s America setting. Old west, Victorian cities, settlers crossing a large continent.

People: The government of this plane is a strict caste based feudal system. The most elite echeleons are made up of nature mages who can bend nature to their will. allowing them to reshape and control farms and food supply. The lower rungs are made up of mind mages and more nefarious types that are willing to enforce their lord's bidding. the nonmagic users are serfdom underneath these magical overlords. However not all magic users take part in this caste system. A radical fringe coalition of elves, humans and merrow have actively been seeking to change the status quo.

Red:Burn is back but it often is based on what is in play, Deal X where is Y, will be common. The main creatures in red are humans, goblins and very few dragons. their main theme is "if your opponent has cast one or more spells this turn, gain (insert bonus here)."

Blue: Counter magic is huge but it comes with draw backs such as dealing damage to yourself. This is to represent the difficult nature of casting such magic on this plane. Another theme is "basic lands matter" spells and creatures will gain certain bonuses if you have certain numbers of basic lands in play. This is the keyword "Back to Nature." This keyword is shared with Green to an extent Red as well.

Green: Green is getting slightly color shifted. A lot of cards in green will have activated and triggered abilites. the activated abilities will maninuplate the board and lands but it will also have a slight push to instant speed card draw. the creatures will almost exlusively be elves and non-humanoids.

White: White is the human color that will focus on "abilities matter." there will be cards that are stronger or weaker depending on the number of creatures that have activated abilites. also there will be big dumb creatures that have no effects but are pushed on the curve. I'm thinking a Human Soldier that costs 1WW that is a 4/4. I know it is not the most exciting. Further more some elves will be white, these are the rebelious rebels who will gain bonuses for how many different creature types are on the battleffield.

Black: Discard spells are huge and enter the battlefield effects. Also I see many cards that have a "Pay (Cost), return this card to owner's hand." This is the merrow and vampire faction. The main playing style would be midrange and value spells that can be cast over and over if you can afford the price. symbolic of "I'll serve you, if you can pay the price."

Colorless: Yay Wastes get their comeback tour. Colorless matters in this plane. The cities if you will are colorless and the more cosmopolitan denizens of this plane will be colorless as well. These creatures will gain bonuses for no spells being cast, that will trigger at the endstep. also they will be able to sacrifice themselves for even bigger effects such as killing creatures and counter magic.

Multicolor: Very few if any multicolored cards other than each factions legendary creature "leader." I suppose a planeswalker or two can be multicolored.

Theme: I really want to play on the industrial revolution, however this time the rural power brokers are not going quietly as they have a vested interest in keeping a less industrious population. This also while trying to maintain their stranglehold on politics. We can add some flavor of the revolutionary wars that were so common throughout the late 1700s and 1800s. basically we have a soceity in flux from a feudal agrarian system trying to become a more democratic industrial system. as the story progresses we learn that none of the power brokers on either side of the equation are exactly innocent and they have all been playing the people for their own ends.

Mechanics: Discussed above

Conflict: The ability of the people to access mana has been dwindling for generations. Each year less and less magic users are born. Now a more sinister turn has occured, mages, wizards, druids, telepaths and magic users of all kind are losing their powers. This is a problem for the ruling elite who lay claim to their titles based on their ability to sling spells. To make matters worse the fires of revolution are burning on all corners of the plane, threatening to throw an already weakened soceity into all carnage.

Characters:Male Elf: Young nature mage who comes to learn that he is one of only a handful left able to bend the crops and that for years his order has artifically kept the food supply low, allowing many to starve.

Female Goblin: Wise old soldier who grew tired of fighting for an imperial peace who is now training the resistance.

androgynous merfolk: an irrigation mage who yearns for a life of adventure whose spark ignites when their village is destroyed in a raid but by which faction?

Human: An angry zealot who actively calls for the overthrow of the mageocracy. He had been imprisoned for twenty years for open sedition and now he finds that their only child has become a magical enforcer for those who imprisoned them.

Magical enforcer: The child of the above character.

Obligatory Jace Planeswalker: Comes to this plane to investigate possible ties to Eldrazi or Bolas activity and inadvertently discovers that he cannot muster enough power to planeswalk away.

December 7, 2017 7:04 p.m.

Amoradon says... #5

Name: KrygarDescription: Krygar is known as "the land of ice and snow." The entire plane is a massive, frozen land with towering mountains and plunging valleys. There is one main island, called Cryonyx, where most cities are located. Cryonyx is surrounded by seemingly endless frozen oceans, inhabited by mysterious creatures. The ocean below it also has massive sea creatures, which are some mix of normal and frozen.

Cryonyx has several cities, each with its own unique traits:

Soludus: Meaning "sun knowledge" in an old language, Soludus is a city of blue and white mana. It is located in the center of Cryonyx, on an ice plains. The entire city is contained within a massive, drafty castle. Mages study in the Ymirgan, large towers studded around the castle. The mages of Soludus specialize in summoning ice spirits to aid them in battle.Their patron god is Erenor. (See later for god descriptions)

Kasai: At the peak of the tallest mountain in the Gylfan Mountains, a massive mountain range to the south of Soludus, Kasai is a city of caves. Their people channel the power of red and blue mana to make what they call Kyrandi. The Kyrandi are suits of battle armor, made of frozen metal with pure flames churning through their veins. Many of them have flame-based abilities, but they are of varying success: the stronger ones might melt their foes, but the weaker ones would be extinguished by their enemies. The Kasaians are constantly fighting the ice monsters that inhabit these frozen monsters, and honing their skills.Their patron god is Nymor.

Koriha: Once a small trading town, frequent monster attacks led to the creation of a massive "frozen forest" called the Cryolynx, made of tangled, jagged ice around the area of Koriha. The Korihans are the only people who can confidently navigate the tangle. Their expertise with blue and green mana leads them to specialize in growing more icy plants like those that make up the Cryolynx. Destroying the Cryolynx is nigh on impossible, as its every branch is highly resistant to damage. The Cryolynx Forest grows at the base of the Gylfan Mountains. The Korihans live in harmony with the ice, growing homes out of the ice itself.Their patron god is Murai.

Ikyani: Once the finest metropolis on Cryonyx, a Planeswalker was sacrificed here by dark cultists, and his magic spiraled out of control, shredding the buildings. Now, Ikyani is a city of the cursed, with slavering abominations who haunt its ruins, with black and blue mana. Their magic consists of reanimating skeletons with ghastly new energies. In truth, the real city flourishes beneath the ground, with the best black market on Krygar. However, nobody knows how deep Ikyani goes, and it's best not to venture too far down...Their patron god is Aargos.

Misteria: Beneath the ice that surrounds Cryonyx, the city of Misteria is home to pure ice mages. They call the frozen hulking sea monsters beneath the ice friends, and harvest their secretions as food. Their actual city consists of large bubbles floating in the water, with residents being proficient in swimming and able to resist the icy chill of the water. These ice mages can spray ice like water, beckon it like fire, or form it into shapes of their desire.Their patron god is Nikioron.

GODS OF KRYGAR:The pantheon of Krygar consists of seven main gods and countless weaker half-gods.

The seven main gods are as follows:

Erenor: Patron of Soludus, she is the main god of the plane. She takes the appearance of an armor clad warrior with blue and white armor, and a mighty sword. She grants aid to the best warriors in the form of the spirits of brave warriors who have fought before them. Known as the Scyscoe, these warriors possess all the talent they had during their lives and more, thanks to her augmentation. However, only the best magi and soldiers can earn the aid of a Scyscoe. Most rely on weaker spirits, which can be summoned in larger numbers.

Nymor: The god of fire, he is the natural patron of Kasai. He wears incredibly thick metal armor, and fire swirls beneath his armor. Known for his fiery temper, he can grant an inventor the perfect weapon one minute and shatter it the next. Nymor is quick to take offense, but also quick to reconcile. His blessings augment Kyrandi, granting them far more vast armaments and tools that no normal inventor could build. However, his blessings are fleeting, and these weapons will explode after too long.

Murai: His control over nature makes him the patron of Koriha. He is the only one who can part the Cryolynx, and can cause it to expand or retract as he deems fit. Murai appears as a being made of twisting ice vines wrapped around one another, with two glowing blue lights for eyes. He is slow to action, but all beings on Krygar fear his rage. To his best acolytes, Murai grants the ability to actually summon parts of the Cryolynx, or to wield the real Cryolynx's vines as weapons.

Aargos: They call him the merciless one, and he befits the magic of Ikyani. Aargos's magic never benefits anyone: it is all to bring more skeletons under his control. He appears as a skeleton himself, dressed in regal red robes and clutching a smoking scepter. Though Aargos may grant his disciples control of the most powerful skeletons, they soon find themselves corrupted by his magic, transformed into skeletons as the price for their spellwork. The most wise disciples of Aargos strike a balance between using his power and allowing it to consume them.

Nikioron: She is the goddess of ice and patron of Misteria. Although Erenor is the chief deity, Nikioron may in truth be more powerful. She is said to live thousands of leagues beneath the ice, where only the most dedicated of her priests can reach her. Every year, thousands of Misterian acolytes depart when the water is warmest to try and reach her home. Yet despite mana-storing techniques, teams of mages, and some of the wisest Nikiorons trying their hardest, only one person in history has reached what is known as the Heart of Krygar.

Kouros: Kouros is the goddess of brutality. He takes the form of a massive demon with skin covered in runes and chains, snapped from his escape. Kouros commands the monsters of the mountains, making them join forces and sweep down upon the smaller settlements. He controls red, black, and blue mana.

Quenzara: Goddess of dragons, Quenzara may be the oldest deity in Krygar. She rules over the dragons of Krygar, living beyond a hidden portal somewhere out on the ice. Although few humans have ever seen her, she is described as a woman with blue dragon spikes on her arms and legs, horns on her head, majestic wings made of ice, and talons on her hands and feet. Some humans worship her, and she occasionally transforms one into a dragon, using red, blue, and white mana. Her motives are unknown, as is her past.

HISTORY OF THE PLANE:The seven gods were once all living in harmony. However, they decided they wanted to craft people to rule over. Aargos created the skeleton of man, Murai grew flesh on their bones, Nymor gave them an ingenious mind, Nikorion gave them a connection to their icy homeland, and Erenor infused them with spirits. Yet when the first humans became Erenor's subjects, the other four grew jealous. They attacked Erenor's people, and some of them became the disciples of the other gods.Quenzara and Kouros were excluded from this creation process, but took it differently. Quenzara used this to retreat from what she viewed as the strange creatures the gods had made from a mashup of conflicting elements. She instead created the dragons, a far more stable and powerful race based on only three elements. Kouros, on the other hand, grew furious. He had never been precise, and his efforts to create a race led to a population of twisted ice monsters and demons that attacked the humans. Each one consisted of blue mana, blue and black mana, blue and red mana, or all three colors. They were nowhere near as versatile as the men created by the five gods, and nowhere near as stable as Quenzara's dragons. However, Kouros produced great swarms of them, until the Five decided to stop him. They attacked with their humans, but Kouros was incredibly powerful. For hundreds of years, the sides were locked in a stalemate, until Quenzara's dragons attacked on the side of the Five. The dragons defeated most of the demons, and Quenzara herself forced Kouros to surrender. He was bound with chains consisting of mana from all five colors and the essence of dragons. These chains held Kouros for thousands of years, as the Five developed their civilizations. Before long, feuds began to erupt among the Five, and they all separated. No longer were they the united force they had once been: instead, they each focused on defeating the other 4. Because of this fixation, they never noticed the weakening of Kouros's bonds. The gods occasionally exiled priests from their temples for bad acts. To exile priests, they stripped them of their uniform, and all ability to interact with colored mana. They became colorless mages, dressed in gray robes and sent out to freeze in the icy wastes. These mages began to unite, and work together. By performing magical incantations, they slowly ate away at Kouros's bonds, before he finally escaped. Kouros turned on those who had summoned him, devouring them in his rage. Then, he began to amass an even greater army and marched on Soludus. The gods were taken by surprise, and decided to unify one last time. They could not kill Kouros, but after much fighting and many casualties on both sides, he was brought down. The gods branded him with pulsating runes that would warn all magic users if he broke free, before each retreating to hiding places to watch over humanity. No longer would they interfere with humans directly, but instead bless them from afar.

But now, war is coming. The humans, after many years of peace, have begun to develop feuds again. And if Kouros were to escape, there would be havoc...

I'll post more depending on what people think!

December 17, 2017 12:52 a.m.

lonely1 says... #6

Noxir-Realm of eternal night

long ago Noxir and 4 other planes had a sliver of their mana stolen from them to create a new plane. this created an imbalance of their laws, morphing them into 5 entirely different planes. however, during the events of that block the created plane start hemorrhaging mana and that mana begins to return back to where it was supplied from. each of the 6 planes begins to experience its own version of an apocalypse.

Noxir had provided white mana in this experiment. without its white mana, it was transformed into a realm of pure nightmare. lycae, demon, undead, and everything else that went bump in the night were no longer suppresed by the light of the sun, and this spelled the end for mankind on noxir. in noxir, it is eat or be eaten, those with compassion are doomed to die. however, at the start of the block, signs that the last man's prophecy is coming to pass. it seems every vamp, lich, and demon lord's worst fear is coming true. the night's end is approching, and with it, the death of all things.

note(s) some of the cards from noxir are incapable of using white mana for casting or activate their abilities (represented block specific mana symbol [placeholders are (mnpld) with m=anti white, n=antiblue, etc]).

the lycae of noxir start out in wolf form until they become the target of a white spell or ability.

creatures here mainly have abilities concerning themselves and very rarely have effects that benefit others.

August 2, 2018 6:06 a.m.

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