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Posted on July 13, 2019, 5:28 a.m. by Sid_the_sloth

I appologize a head of time if this is the wrong forum area for this, it how ever is about the EDH deck I'm wanting to build but had a few questions on how a few cards would interact together so I get it right when it comes time to play test.

Mirari's Wake with a card like Overgrowth in play. It says one color that land could produce so maybe stuoid self answered question but sense Overgrowth says the land now adds an addition two green to the pool. Is it 1 for the land plus 2 from the enchantment plus 1 more from mirari's wake (4 mana all day) or just from original land plus mirari's wake?

Also to make sure I understand Sylvan Library correctly. Draw one card normally for the draw step then I distinguish the two cards from the library trigger and I can ... Chose to keep both take 8 Chose one or the other and just put the unwanted other card on top draw one card and take 4. Or just chose to keep both on top and or change order for free correct?

And finally. Are enchantments aura's and are aura's enchantments? ?? Some texts on certain cards specifically says aura draw and others say enchantment and draw but some cards were made before the introduction of aura's yes?? So you draw no matter what??

For your first question: Mirari's Wake will add one mana additional every time you tap a land. If you tap a land with Overgrowth on it, you will get (usually) one mana from the land, two mana from Overgrowth, and one mana from Mirari's Wake, four total. It's important to note that Mirari's Wake can only add mana of the color the land already produced, and that Overgrowth produces the two green, not the land being tapped. So if you Overgrowth an Island, you can tap to get two blue and two green, but not one blue and three green.

For your second question, yes, that is how Sylvan Library works - you may keep one of the three cards and pay 0 life, or 2 paying 4 life, or all three paying 8 life.

Two points of clarification: Sylvan Library does not differentiate between the first card you draw for turn and the two extra you draw from the Library. You can choose to put any two of the three back on top of your library, including the first one you drew normally for turn. In fact, if you have another effect that draws more cards before Sylvan Library's trigger (such as a Phyrexian Arena , which draws you a card during the upkeep step) ANY of those cards are eligible to be put back to avoid loss of life.

Second, you must keep all cards drawn that turn easily identifiable - meaning they cannot be placed into a pile with the rest of the cards in your hand, until after Sylvan Library has finished resolving (to prevent people from keeping all three cards they drew, but putting back a card that was already in their hand to avoid paying life). Usually, I put my hand facedown on the table, then draw three, look at them and decide what I want, then pick up my old hand to add the card/cards I'm keeping to it.

Finally. All Auras are enchantments. Not all enchantments are Auras. For example, Vow of Lightning is an aura, and is therefore an enchantment. Zendikar Resurgent is an enchantment, but is not an aura.

Auras are a special kind of enchantment that must be attached to another permanent (usually a creature) or a player. They are cast targeting another permanent/player (or in the case of Animate Dead a card in graveyard), and attach themselves to that target upon resolving. If the permanent/player they are attached to leaves the game, the Aura is put into its owner's graveyard.

July 13, 2019 5:43 a.m.

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