Suggestions For Thromok the Insatiable?

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Posted on April 13, 2019, 11:03 p.m. by TheEDHKid

So I've been toying around with a Thromok deck and this is what I've put together with what I own.

THRO MOK [[Gruul Tokens]]

Some things I'd like some help on:

  • The Creature to Sorcery/Instant Ratio: So my ratio is about half and half and with that I feel like I can't lean totally into cards like Young Pyromancer or Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip in the respective card type preferences. Should I just go one or the other? Or should I take out the more... "narrow" cards that focus on card type for more cards that make tokens regardless?
  • Rhythm of the Wilds: This is a token deck. This doesn't work on tokens. Seems like it'd just be bad right? Well with all the creatures I run, plus haste on Thromok the Insatiable is neat, is it worth it? I guess this goes into some of the points I made in my first problem.
  • How needed is artifact ramp in green?: I have an artifact deck otherwise, and I run most of my staple mana rocks in there. I could always proxy, but I personally don't like playing with cards I don't own unless I'm testing out a commander in an upcoming set (looking at you Feather!) This is aiming for 50%-75%, so would rocks be more necessary? I run some, but I'm wondering if cutting some more land ramp with more artifact ramp could make the deck more explosive and overall stronger.

These are the main problems I've run into, but any other suggestions such as lowering the average cmc and such is also welcome.

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