need help building zurgo

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Posted on June 2, 2019, 12:35 p.m. by butter83

looking to build zurgo helmsmasher but not wanting to do voltron. any suggestions for a fun deck. thought of doing tribal but not sure

griffstick says... #2

I'd love to help you. I have a favorite card for zurgo, Spirit en-Dal . I really like this card because it can't be removed with usual means of removal like Return to Dust and Beast Within . It can also be used on an opponent's creature. Give it shadow and it can't block.

Aside from that. What kind of deck are you trying to build? A combat based deck? A combo deck? Group slug deck where you do damage with cards like Warstorm Surge and Vicious Shadows

June 2, 2019 1:18 p.m.

butter83 says... #3

basically I'm wanting creatures aggro just not voltron. slave couple equipment is OK like slagwurm armor. but that's just it all I see are equipment based voltron

June 2, 2019 3:09 p.m.

griffstick says... #4

Here's a link to a edhrec where the cards are a token build for queen marchesa here and a human tribal for queen marchesa here

Both links are a good starting point for a Mardu aggro build. Of course switch out the queen for zurgo.

June 2, 2019 10:02 p.m.

Steelspike says... #6

Kill The World!

Commander / EDH Steelspike


I hear you when you say you don't wanna go voltron, but this decklist is frickin' hilarious.

Plus, it's not totally voltron.

June 2, 2019 11:25 p.m.

butter83 says... #7

I do like some of the things there just want more creatures.

June 3, 2019 1:28 a.m.

multimedia says... #8

Hey, consider Warriors with Zurgo as Commander and Aurelia, the Warleader at the top of the mana curve?

There's many budget Warriors. Some that stand out are Mindblade Render , Rushblade Commander , Alesha, Who Smiles at Death , Ash Zealot , Bloodsoaked Champion , Blood-Chin Rager , Blood-Chin Fanatic , Arashin Foremost , Brutal Hordechief , Azra Oddsmaker ,etc. Aurelia is not a Warrior, but she can come into play after Zurgo for big double combat phases swings. Some budget pay offs for being tribal are: Raiders' Spoils , Shared Animosity , Obsidian Battle-Axe , Blood-Chin Fanatic , Arashin Foremost , Metallic Mimic , etc.

Zurgo benefits a lot from repeatable double strike being able to potentially do 14 or more points of Commander damage with one Zurgo attack. Arashin Foremost , Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder , Duelist's Heritage , Fireshrieker , Ajani, Caller of the Pride . Boros Charm is also an excellent card in Commander.

June 3, 2019 2:55 a.m.

SP3CTR3_chelts says... #9

To further understand what you want, why do you want that specific deck style with zurgo. The reason zurgo is usually used for voltron is that he is a hasty indestructible which gets bigger and that is the best way to use his abilities in commander. I do think Marchessa would be a better commander for the deck you are wanting to build. But would be happy to suggest things when i understand why you wan it :)

June 3, 2019 8:17 a.m.

butter83 says... #10

wanting if because I've grown tired of my alesha deck and just like that zurgo can be indestructible on my turn

June 3, 2019 8:05 p.m.

okay are you changing your alesha deck to be a zurgo deck? so you would be looking for cards that will adapt one classic beatdown to another or are you looking for a second deck?

June 4, 2019 4:08 a.m.

butter83 says... #12

haven't decided yet might tear her apart. fight now it's combo. this is something I was thinking for zurgo.

June 4, 2019 6:19 a.m.

I do love Assault Suit on zugo :D

you have a really high creature count! I would put some more instant/sorcery removal in it you have the right colours for it: Utter End , Anguished Unmaking , Despark , Mortify , Vindicate , Crackling Doom (Im not recommending you put all in)

also with an indestructibly commander board wipes can be quite useful. I.E destroy everything then swing with zugo. there are so many of these in white and black.

also i like putting at least 1 alt win in each of my decks just incase someone gains a stupid amount of life. I know you have at least one with combat celibrant/auralia and helm of the host but if you wanted another Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker goes off with zelous conscripts

[ [ Deckname ] ] (without spaces) will also work for links btwm, i.e: zurgo horde

June 4, 2019 10:32 a.m.

griffstick says... #14

Odric, Lunarch Marshal with zurgo out gives your whole team indestructible and haste. That seem good. Then board wipes will be even more in your favor.

June 4, 2019 12:20 p.m.

griffstick says... #15

Odric, Lunarch Marshal with zurgo out gives your whole team indestructible and haste. That seems good. Then all of your board wipes will be even more in your favor.

June 4, 2019 12:21 p.m.

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