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Posted on Nov. 3, 2018, 12:10 p.m. by OctoClock

Hey guys! So, I am fairly knew to MTG, but am loving it so far. I was talking to my much more experienced friend, and I realized that I'd really like to try a chaos deck for multiplayer EDH. Because of my inexperience, I figured I'd post here for any suggestions you guys might have for causing maximum chaos! I'd like the deck to be UR for flavor purposes, but if there is something that would work better I'm all ears! I know this is an extremely open question, but I just have no idea where to start other than Possibility Storm.

Thanks in advance!

Matt_The_OGRE says... #3

I have a mono red deck that is very fun. Akroma Chaos.

I will say that you need to be pretty comfortable with the rules in order to play a chaos style deck. The interactions can get very out of control until you get used to stacking triggers in the right order, along with knowing whose triggers get put on the stack first.

An example that came up one game, Confusion in the Ranks was on the battlefield and an opponent cast Sidisi, Undead Visier. The exploit trigger goes on the stack followed by the confusion trigger. Sidisi gets exchanged leaving the exploit trigger on the stack. What happens if the opponent sacrifices a creature to the exploit trigger?

I'll leave you with that cliff hanger. (Or you can find the answer in the deck link;D)

November 3, 2018 10:15 p.m.

Rabid_Wombat says... #4

You have to be really sharp, know card interactions and have the majority of your cards memorized back to front in order to play a Chaos deck effectively. Or your slow playing will grind the game down to a halt and really annoy your opponents.

Try playing an Izzet Spell Slinger EDH deck to begin with (melek, niv-mizzet - the usual suspects) and then slowly add the cards that SynergyBuild so kindly recommended, one by one - this will give you the chance to come to grips with the awesome playstyle that is Chaos without putting yourself under pressure which would only spoil your fun and that of others.

Best of luck in Mastering the Art of Chaos!

November 4, 2018 1:05 a.m.

OctoClock says... #5

Thanks so much guys! Rapid_Wombat I'll do what you said and start with the spell-slinger idea and add as I gain more experience with the rules. I've still got a LOT more to learn haha. Matt_The_OGRE I'll take a look at your deck! I think I'll try to think through that scenario myself before looking for the answer. SynergyBuild Thanks for the card suggestions!!

November 4, 2018 3:54 p.m.

Abaques says... #6

I built a Zedruu the Greathearted chaos deck with no real win condition. It's great at making the game just crazy. I only play it with my playgroup when everyone is okay with having that kind of game. The only time my deck has ever 'won' was when my friend was piloting it and had Elkin Lair, Hive Mind and Eye of the Storm out with a few different instants and sorceries under it and the game state just became crazy so the rest of us conceded. Everyone had fun, but everyone at the table has to want to have that kind of fun.

If you're new into EDH I'd agree with Rapid_Wombat and start with something a little more straightforward.

Here's my deck link if you want some ideas: Chaotic Neutral Goats

November 10, 2018 10:53 a.m.

OctoClock says... #7

Thanks Abaques! I think I'm going to start with a spellslinger deck as suggested by others. Now just have to figure out a decklist. And your deck gives me some fun ideas for the future! Eye of the Storm in particular looks extremely fun.

November 12, 2018 8:41 a.m.

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