Meager Champion (peasent like heirloom format)

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Posted on March 19, 2017, 4:18 p.m. by Emeraldragon17

I had the idea to make a format like heirloom with a somewhat restrictive banlist and commander-like play.

The Restriction

You play with a 80 card deck, singleton (thinking about allowing two of's), and your commander can be any one creature, you start at 30 life.However, each card in your deck (along with your champion) must have been at one time $2.00 US or lower following the timelines on MtgGoldfish.

Also, any deck is allowed to have one off color splash. such as playing a monoblack deck with Desecration Demon as the champion, splashing red for Rakdos Cackler or some other red cards.

This restriction almost makes its own banlist and still allows you to play with some pretty powerful cards. E.g. rampaging baloths

I may update with a firm banlist aside from the price restriction, but I'll be going with all cards currently on: legacy, modern, vintage, and commander official banlists as also being banned for Meager Champion.

Also, you may play with any un-set cards that are not dexerity based. all dexterity based cards will be banned, along with ante cards. Cards such as Yet Another Aether Vortex can be played, or maybe Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug.

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on the format idea and if they plan on making decks.

P.s. This format is meant to be a fun casual format like how commander is meant to be, try to keep from getting spiky.

This sounds really cool. I reckon I'll probably try to make a deck for it and post it here some time.

August 19, 2017 6:42 a.m.

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