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Posted on May 14, 2018, 7:22 a.m. by TypicalTimmy

If you could design your own set, what would you put in it?

  • What culture(s) would it be based upon?
  • What sorts of lore would you incorporate?
  • What abilities would you use?
  • What kinds of lands would you have?
  • What races / tribes would you support?
  • What color combinations would you include?
  • If you made a Planeswalker for the set, what would they look like?

I'm curious as to the creativity aspect of this group.

I'd love to make a Scandinavian themed set. I know Coldsnap was closely tied to those people, but I'd like to see much more of their rich culture explored.

For races, I'd bring in things like Spirits, Giants, Elves (I know, I'm just as surprised as you), Dwarves, Faeries, and Humans. There would be an occasional honorary mention such as Witches, Horrors, Horses, Trolls, Dragons, perhaps even a single Hydra and Leviathan with some Insects. Those are mostly for filler, in order to flesh out the world a bit more.

Supported tribes would be Warriors, Archers, Artificers, and Spirits. Of course, others would exist but those would be the big ones. They are chosen so you can have supported aggressive combat, combat-control, a decent boon toward buffs (Think about Artificers being able to make equip costs less or even free like with Brass Squire or equipped creature getting larger bonuses), and with bringing back Spirits you get a nice handout to Control players.

I'd have it feel like Khans of Tarkir, using Jarls in their place. I'd like to see the following Shards / Wedges;


Jund : A powerful style no doubt. I'd want Jund involved because that'd give us access to powerful keyword abilities (Listed in a moment) and would encourage fast and reckless gameplay, paying homage to the Norse style of combat where it was brutal and savage. Often, they would indulge in drugs and charge into battle lusting for blood.

Esper : Because not all players are so violent, and because there is a hefty amount of magical artifacts in the real-world lore, I'd love to bring ties back to the old kings of artifacts; Esper. This would open up powerful control for players who are more inclined to end the game before it even begins.

Based on these, Black is already a heavily themed color option. To balance black, we need something that cares a bit more about using resources to their fullest potential, rather than causing self-harm in the service of itself.


Temur : What Temur brings to the table (unintentional pun was intentional) is a keen sense of manipulation of the game, whether it is through potent counter spells, strong growth spells, devastating disruption and burn spells, or all-in large creatures that bring the hurt when used properly. Not quite as fast as Jund, but just as reliable if built right.

For the last one I am torn between Mardu and Abzan . However, considering I am already set on using Jund, I'd have to pick Abzan so that there aren't two strong combat-oriented slices.

With Abzan, you have access to your non-combat manipulation such as spells to gain life while taking from others, means to make creatures stronger or return them to your hand / battlefield, and the ability to boardwipe with ease.

Given these four; Jund, Esper, Temur, and Abzan you would find yourself flexing a dynamic power struggle between playing reckless, playing manipulatively, playing cautiously, and playing defensively.

Many people know about the Jarls of old Norse Governing, but what few know of is that the Jarls served under Kings. The Kings used the Jarls almost like Mayors - to watch and guide over a township and land. Jarls would often get plots of land, but would go to war over limited resources. This is why Viking raids were so important. Their soil was poor and their minerals were weak, so in order to survive they must venture out of their homes. Vikings were only a small part of the Norse legacy and were more akin to pirates than anything, though they did venture into other lands to pillage.

If we were still using three-block sets, I'd incorporate Gods - only just a few though, merging several Norse Gods together in order to save space and incorporate the Shards / Wedges. However, with there being two-block sets now I'm not entirely sure if that's a good idea.

The story would almost have to be intermediate as the fridge landscape would be of no use to Bolas. In fact, it could serve as a side-step where the Gatewatch could catch their breath. Having fled from Bolas yet again, they find themselves in a desolate wasteland so cold and so foreboding that not even Nissa can sense a lifeforce among the Planes. After being ambushed in the thicket of snow and dark by Trolls, the Gatewatch is saved by one of the Jarl's kin who bring them back to their village.

Once there, an argument breaks apart where the Gatewatch begin to question Gideon and Jace's leadership. The argument turns hostile and the Jarl sees to put a stop to it. He banishes half of the Gatewatch through powerful magic, exiling them to the wastes. The other half have his full cooperation. They are told that without working together, both of their parties will parish.

The group which was banished encounters the Temur group who have learned to live off what little the land has. They learn that the Esper group has been plundering resources and stealing the means of survival. In response, Jund sought war and Abzan backed off in defense. All four Jarls want each other dead, and that there is concern that the Gatewatch won't be able to side with just one.

The group that stayed in the village learns, from the Abzan, that the Esper group came to power about 200 years ago and has done everything they can to crush anyone beneath them. Abzan wants to live in peace, which is the reason for their group's partial exile. They see they can not reason with Jund, so they hope that the Gatewatch can make a deal with Temur to form a junction.

A miscommunication occurs when Jund raids both villages, and both believe that the other sent Jund after them. The reality is that Esper planted this notion and forced Jund's hand.

The first set would be about the internal civil wars between these three groups, and the second set would be about the banding together of Temur and Abzan to take on Esper while Jund goes rogue. The story would conclude with Esper nearly defeating Temur and Abzan until Jund shows up, realizing they have been betrayed, and kills Esper entirely. With Esper gone, their resources can be divided and their lands shifted. Temur sees over livestock and farming, Abzan sees over construction and military, and Jund sees over protection from outside forces.

Because the set would be heavily based on Norse lifestyle, I'd need mechanics that are appropriate for that theme.

Raid would make a hefty appearance, encouraging violent combat. As a result from the high potential of loss of permanents, Revolt would make it's way in during the second half of the set.

Rampage would see an honorary mention in the way of the Berserker Staff, a legendary artifact said to drive the wielder mad with rage. Berserkers in real life were extraordinary violent beings who would use drugs and fight to the death, seemingly unphased by pain or emotion. Those few with Rampage must attack at all times or be sacrificed at the end of combat.

In order to appropriately strengthen conflicts, Totem Armor would see a return. This gives us access both to decent equipment and auras and ties Raid and Revolt together nicely.

Since you can expect permanents to leave the battlefield quite frequently in this war-torn set, some sort of graveyard tricks would be required. So Delve would see an appearance. This helps pay for Temur's costs, but could also be used in powerful Jund creatures and strong Abzan spells.

Along with exiling cards from graveyards to pay for costs, playing spells directly from the graveyard would also benefit players as well. Flashback would be seen in Temur mostly, with strong mention in Esper. This gives control players an easier time with deck construction since it'll be hard to find 60 cards to work consistently over three colors.

Between all of these; Raid, Revolt, Rampage, Totem Armor, Delve, and Flashback you have a set that encourages constant combat without fear of what happens, and a means to continue playing even after the permanents have been destroyed and spells have been cast. This makes any combination you make both highly flexible, very versatile, and a pain in the ass to work around.

A fun little nod would be to include Snow-Covered Lands. However, these would be non-basic lands. Some spells would have an additional "snow" ability where if you cast them using mana produced from a snow-land, something additional might happen.

For example;

Blizzard's Wake


Prevent all damage target creature would deal this turn. If it isn't tapped, tap it. If mana from a snow-land was used to cast this spell, that creature doesn't untap during it's controller's next untap step.

"It isn't the darkness that should worry you, it's the cold that lurks within it."

I'm not entirely sure what type of rare lands would make the cut. To be honest, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I feel like that since we're using three-colored slices of the pie, having lands entering untapped is a huge deal. I feel like Fast Lands would be the best option. This lets you start off playing spells with ease, and as the game progresses and you begin to go on the lower end of your mana curve, having a land enter tapped isn't as big of a deal anymore. If you play on par, you should be fine. This allows your flexibility early rather than later. I know that usually you want more flexibility as the game progresses, but with this being a fast and aggressive set with Jund and Temur being involved, you'd want your mana sooner rather than later.
I'd absolutely have one of the Jarls be the Planeswalker of the set. What might come as a surprise would be who it is.

Esper might sound like the right choice; Being the "villain" that came from nowhere to disrupt the way of living, but no. The real Planeswalker would be the Jarl for Temur.

Coming from a land similar to this one, she would have seen conflict many times over. She would have known what it means to live on only what you can carry on your backs, how to survive in a multitude of environments, how to deal with conflict, and how to unite a people under common goals. She would be based around the need of control over the need of bloodshed.

At the end of the story, she decides to remain. Her people need her, but she understands the threat that is looming over the world. She creates an Oath to protect, but denies the Gatewatch's help in actively seeking an end to it.

For now, her place is with her people. And with that, the Gatewatch learn the valuable lesson of putting aside their differences and focusing more on their strengths to overcome the violent nature of temptation that arises from a power struggle.

Deathdragon says... #2

Culture: being a metal head I have got to start my plane with metal references.

Races: Humans, Demons, Devils, angels, Spirits, elementals, beasts, dragons, animated objects.

Gods: trelix, Demon of Hope, jilix, the demon of desolation, minix, demon of deception, raji, demon of of rage, Julia, angel of nature, God of metal.These are some of the worshipped deities.

Colors: dual colored set with some colored shifted Demons.

Story: The gatewatch have travelled to lagasia and find that an evil cult worshipping Jilix, The Demon of Desolation (check the card creation forum I plan on making him after I do my next challenge), attempting to take over the plane so the gatewatch joins the resistance made up of Trelix, the Demon of hope, God of Metal, and Julia, angel of nature.

Mechanics: delirium, kicker, flashback, suspend, annihlator, powerups

Lands: Rare: the shock lands uncommon: concert halls on the plane common: anything but the no ability tap lands.

Planeswalkers: Im going to make metalfied versions of the gatewatch original five:Liliana, the Blackened DeathBringer Gideon, the Symphonic Powerhouse Jace, the amnesiac thinkerChandra, the uncontrollable rageNissa, The naturistic

In order for the gatewatch to save the plane they have to embrace the plane and become one with the plane to gain tremendous power that not even the resistance leaders do not have

References from the planeswalker section:Blackened DeathBringer= Blackened Death Metal

Symphonic Powerhouse= Symphonic powermetal

Amnesiac thinker= math metal? I honestly dont know

Uncontrollable rage= Metalcore

Naturistic= ambient metal

Now I honestly think we should do this kind of like how we do the card creation challenge so it has a chance to go for a long while but first lets let everyone else get out their ideas for planes

May 14, 2018 11:04 a.m.

MWorl91 says... #3

Culture/Lore: A kind of Japanese culture with heavy anime esque lore.

Abilities/Mechanics: Level Up (Pokmon), Energy (Most anime have some version of energy like Chakra, Ki, Chi, Ba, Reiatsu, etc), Transform (Common Theme in most animes)

Lands/Colors: Kind of a 3s and 2s type of theme like in Ixalan with certain animes having 3 colors based around them and some only having 2. Would either go with Shards with enemy colored pairing, or wedges with allied colored pairings. A cycle of tricolored taplands to go with it and a cycle of corresponding duals.

Supported Races and Tribes: Ninja (Naruto) Samurai (Bleach) Pirate (One Piece) Monk (Dragonball) Warrior (Also Dragonball) Wizard (Yu-Gi-Oh!) and Spirits (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Possible native Planeswalkers: Possibly someone based on Yugi Muto or Ash Ketchum. Most likely a younger person (preteen/teenager) focused on using wits and strategy (and cheesy friendship) to overcome their obstacles

Also thought of maybe a cycle of Gods based on some of the Tailed Beast from Naruto. And an Elder Dragon based on Shenron from Dragonball Z.

May 14, 2018 1:50 p.m.

Draglord_Sim says... #4

Culture/Lore: Victorian Steampunk with a twist.

Abilities/Mechanics: Energy, equipment-auras, as a theme of self improvement, some sort of political-conspiracy-esque mechanic, like meritocracy or something, maybe a return to voting like will of the council

Lands/Colors: Wedges- White/black/green equipments, i.e. jet packs, white/black/red political manipulation, blue/green/red enchantment-auras, a self upgrade thing like mechanical spider legs that bond to the host, red/blue/white alchemists, and green/black/blue Frankenstein-type reanimation, a slightly more high-end necromancy than black/green's used to.

Supported Races and Tribes: Humans, alchemist as a new subtype, goblins because I like the idea of them in top hats and goggles, zombies, angel-inventors and aetherborn. Of course all these races wear Victorian fashion like top hats and steampunk elements like the goggles.

Planeswalkers: A scatterbrained white red blue alchemist-inventor and maybe a gender non-binary aetherborn.

Gods: I envision people worshipping literal machines, which in turn give them power, so a cycle of artifact gods, like a god of cogs and a god of steam.

May 15, 2018 7:50 p.m.

Iamme10000 says... #5

Oh boy, here we go.

This whole thing started because I HATE how all White/Black pairings end up being more Black than White: white cards tend to be tinged with black more than the other way around. See Orzhov for what I mean. This is my attempt to remedy that. Everything else just sort of cropped up from there.

Plane: Galdag, and set in the Northern Fiefdoms, a group of city-states in the East. Terrain is mostly mountainous and forested; Innistrad-like, but not as unwholesome.

Culture: Gaelic Mythology, but with feudalistic city-states on the brink of war.

Three city-states and a semi-city state in the Caoin Eola.

No watermarks. Cards tend to be associated with one of the four factions, but a lot of the mono-colored cards are more vague in terms of allegiance. About half of the set is unaffiliated.

-Diocese Cirsal (): Militant crusaders, most powerful militarily. Playing up white more than the other colors, using war and mayhem as an ends to cleaning up the world and achieving peace. All cards are tinted with the idea of unity, purity, righteousness, and good. Humans, Soldiers, Skeletons but not Zombies.

-Stewards of Caislagh (): Determined to keep peace and balance, the main counterbalancing force to Cirsal. Not directly capable of countering their military might, the Stewards also have an understanding of the terrain and the things that wander the wilds, which gives them the edge they need. They use magically-constructed plant soldiers to help bulk out their ranks, as well as their own breed of saprolings.

-Caonach, the City of Vines (): A city state built into the fossilized, ruined husk of a massive tree, in the middle of a blasted wasteland left over from a cataclysm long ago. They just want to be left alone. Unfortunately, the Stewards the Cirsal are both converging on the lands that they have taken as their own, leaving them few options. Surviving elves mostly live in Caonach, along with the Xach-ko, an insectoid race, fungus, and the ever-present humans. Saprolings are used as labor, fertilizer, and soldiers all at once.

-Caoin Eola (): Mercenary sellspells. While they previously had been enthusiastic about the upcoming war, they're uncomfortable with how far it's escalated. They're accepting fewer contracts, and working together more. Use combat as an exercise in exploring what spells can do: freecasting. Every card is a Wizard Soldier.

Abilities/Mechanics: Kicker, Split Cards, Cycling, because I love them.

Phalanx X: +X/+X as long as another creature is blocking the same creature or attacking. Heavily in Diocese Cirsal (Mardu), less common in the Stewards (Bant), but there are more tokens to help make up for it.

Recycle -COST-: Put CARDNAME on the bottom of deck and pay a cost to give an effect. Sorcery speed. Mostly in Caonach (Golgari) and Esoterica.

Unlike Ixalan, not every card in the set will be affiliated with a faction. There are also several unaffiliated types of creatures that move through the wilds, according to their own whims and wills.

Avatars and elementals are common, and used as filler for anything that you need in the set that doesn't fit into a faction, as well as for build-around uncommons, the Dimir/Rakdos uncommons, and big, splashy effects.

A few other big beasties: Dragons, Beasts, and Leviathans are all represented in some capacity.

The format would be combat-based, more favoring the quicker end of midrange. Not brutally aggressive, but thanks to Phalanx, there's a high incentive to develop a rapid board presence; if you can't keep up, you'll get steamrolled by a flurry of Phalanx creatures.

Mardu is the aggro color, with Bant being only slightly slower. Mardu is all about multiple creatures, stacking Phalanx, where Bant is more about focusing your Phalanx triggers on a few creatures, and using tokens and tricks to get the most out of them.

Izzet is a tempo-based, long-game midrange deck. It's one of the slower decks, relying more on counterpunching at precisely the right time for maximumm effect, like Jeskai in Khans.

The slowest color pair is Golgari, which thrives off of the long game. Recycle abilities allow you to keep going past when your deck should be able to survive, and give you tons of value as the game goes on.

Dimir and Gruul are "unsupported", but would work just fine. Gruul ends up being an aggressive go-big and go-wide strategy, while Dimir ends up being slower, with spells supporting long-term grinding and evasive creatures.

May 17, 2018 5:12 p.m.

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