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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Silvos, Rogue Elemental Fact or Fiction Duplicant Argothian Enchantress Animate Dead Serra Angel Shaman of the Pack Rancor
1 - 2 Goblin Trenches Harmonize Mystical Tutor Fact or Fiction Honden of Seeing Winds Pilgrim's Eye Blightsoil Druid Shardless Agent
1 - 3 Blood Artist Sprite Noble Thunderclap Wyvern Glimmerpoint Stag Llanowar Elves Llanowar Elves Innocent Blood Goblin Trenches
1 - 4 Warden of Evos Isle Carbonize Warden of Evos Isle Deep Analysis Elephant Guide Ancestral Mask Wirewood Symbiote Pacifism
1 - 5 Warden of Evos Isle Carbonize Mistral Charger Firebolt Mogg War Marshal Intangible Virtue Emperor Crocodile Mistral Charger
1 - 6 Squadron Hawk Mogg War Marshal Prodigal Sorcerer Squadron Hawk Phyrexian Rager Trygon Predator Sylvan Might Relic of Progenitus
1 - 7 Memory Lapse Burning Vengeance Silent Departure Keldon Marauders Emperor Crocodile Night's Whisper Deadbridge Shaman Kird Ape
1 - 8 Stingscourger Nimble Mongoose Elite Vanguard Thornweald Archer Night's Whisper Duress Deadbridge Shaman Emperor Crocodile
1 - 9 Yavimaya Enchantress Yavimaya Enchantress Innocent Blood Wind-Scarred Crag Kor Hookmaster Coalition Honor Guard Nausea Sentinel Spider
1 - 10 Wee Dragonauts Scoured Barrens Dismal Backwater Carrion Feeder Oona's Grace Torrent of Souls Prowling Pangolin Avarax
1 - 11 Invigorate Emperor Crocodile Rally the Peasants Dragon Egg Reckless Charge Commune with the Gods Void Fervent Cathar
1 - 12 Borderland Marauder Gaseous Form Ballynock Cohort Mogg Fanatic Blossoming Sands Nausea Nausea Yavimaya Enchantress
1 - 13 Shelter Tooth and Claw Cephalid Sage Rugged Highlands Seal of Cleansing Rugged Highlands Nature's Claim Benevolent Bodyguard
1 - 14 Stupefying Touch Wake of Vultures Urborg Uprising Orcish Oriflamme Shoreline Ranger Stupefying Touch Welkin Guide Tidal Wave
2 - 1 Duplicant Vindicate Karmic Guide Harmonize Jetting Glasskite Braids, Cabal Minion Timberwatch Elf Glare of Subdual
2 - 2 Rancor Fact or Fiction War Priest of Thune Control Magic Carbonize Goblin Trenches Thornweald Archer Calciderm
2 - 3 Rancor Gamble Brainstorm Ghitu Slinger Elite Vanguard Merfolk Looter Deadbridge Shaman Warden of Evos Isle
2 - 4 Eyeblight's Ending Aven Riftwatcher Squadron Hawk Mistral Charger Field of Souls Elvish Vanguard Lys Alana Huntmaster Worn Powerstone
2 - 5 Raise the Alarm Honden of Cleansing Fire Honden of Cleansing Fire Thunderclap Wyvern Whitemane Lion Sengir Autocrat Civic Wayfinder Wirewood Symbiote
2 - 6 Phantom Monster Mogg War Marshal Phantom Monster Sengir Autocrat Emperor Crocodile Emperor Crocodile Plague Witch Elite Vanguard
2 - 7 Thornweald Archer Flinthoof Boar Squadron Hawk Memory Lapse Dragon Egg Gravedigger Nature's Claim Kird Ape
2 - 8 Borderland Marauder Thornweald Archer Glacial Wall Gravedigger Elite Vanguard Faithless Looting Ashnod's Altar Phyrexian Rager
2 - 9 Kird Ape Innocent Blood Whitemane Lion Memory Lapse Dragon Egg Elite Vanguard Duress Duress
2 - 10 Wildfire Emissary Duress Welkin Guide Sinkhole Dragon Egg Coalition Honor Guard Nausea Ancestral Mask
2 - 11 Swiftwater Cliffs Borderland Marauder Hydroblast Tranquil Cove Ancestral Mask Tranquil Cove Jungle Hollow Dream Twist
2 - 12 Mogg Fanatic Gaseous Form Desperate Ravings Commune with the Gods Tidal Wave Twisted Abomination Emmessi Tome Blossoming Sands
2 - 13 Rally the Peasants Orcish Oriflamme Monk Idealist Dream Twist Glacial Wall Seal of Strength Borderland Marauder Dream Twist
2 - 14 Urborg Uprising Twisted Abomination Seismic Stomp Plague Witch Monk Idealist Welkin Guide Benevolent Bodyguard Seal of Cleansing
3 - 1 Maze of Ith Call the Skybreaker Chrome Mox Mana Crypt Quiet Speculation Glare of Subdual Gravedigger Firebolt
3 - 2 Battle Squadron Wall of Omens Armadillo Cloak Pilgrim's Eye Tooth and Claw Toxic Deluge Annihilate Jareth, Leonine Titan
3 - 3 Phyrexian Ingester Keldon Marauders Peregrine Drake Lys Alana Huntmaster Mishra's Factory Lys Alana Huntmaster Harmonize Pilgrim's Eye
3 - 4 Peregrine Drake Wonder Field of Souls Tragic Slip Emperor Crocodile Ghitu Slinger Honden of Life's Web Worn Powerstone
3 - 5 Llanowar Elves Mogg War Marshal Firebolt Night's Whisper Sengir Autocrat Werebear Phyrexian Rager Gravedigger
3 - 6 Wakedancer Civic Wayfinder Coalition Honor Guard Honden of Cleansing Fire Tooth and Claw Keldon Marauders Mindless Automaton Mistral Charger
3 - 7 Civic Wayfinder Juggernaut Whitemane Lion Gravedigger Cephalid Sage Void Tidal Wave Wirewood Symbiote
3 - 8 Phyrexian Rager Emperor Crocodile Benevolent Bodyguard Fervent Cathar Emperor Crocodile Kird Ape Gaea's Blessing Extract from Darkness
3 - 9 Coalition Honor Guard Deadbridge Shaman Elite Vanguard Stingscourger Dismal Backwater Abundant Growth Elite Vanguard Stingscourger
3 - 10 Oona's Grace Whitemane Lion Yavimaya Enchantress Faithless Looting Tidal Wave Fervent Cathar Pyroblast Prowling Pangolin
3 - 11 Roots Rally the Peasants Duress Swiftwater Cliffs Prowling Pangolin Nimble Mongoose Skulking Ghost Rugged Highlands
3 - 12 Orcish Oriflamme Undying Rage Skulking Ghost Rally the Peasants Borderland Marauder Shoreline Ranger Fog Commune with the Gods
3 - 13 Seal of Strength Plague Witch Seal of Cleansing Seismic Stomp Seal of Cleansing Oona's Grace Urborg Uprising Urborg Uprising
3 - 14 Nausea Plague Witch Screeching Skaab Seismic Stomp Stupefying Touch Giant Tortoise Seal of Cleansing Giant Tortoise