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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Bone Picker Commit / Memory Vizier of the Menagerie Regal Caracal Aven Mindcensor Bloodrage Brawler Never//Return Final Reward
1 - 2 Binding Mummy Magma Spray Final Reward Stir the Sands Cartouche of Strength Gust Walker Trial of Knowledge Compulsory Rest
1 - 3 Gust Walker Cartouche of Zeal Neheb, the Worthy Magma Spray Magma Spray Magma Spray Greater Sandwurm Evolving Wilds
1 - 4 Ahn-Crop Champion Warfire Javelineer Pyramid of the Pantheon Splendid Agony Start / Finish Shimmerscale Drake Destined / Lead Binding Mummy
1 - 5 Impeccable Timing Aven Initiate Bontu's Monument Bitterblade Warrior Battlefield Scavenger Galestrike Gust Walker Gravedigger
1 - 6 Minotaur Sureshot Enigma Drake Illusory Wrappings Tormenting Voice Winged Shepherd Emberhorn Minotaur Horror of the Broken Lands Cursed Minotaur
1 - 7 Quarry Hauler Compelling Argument Colossapede Gift of Paradise Manglehorn Time to Reflect Hooded Brawler Blighted Bat
1 - 8 Thresher Lizard Reduce / Rubble Cartouche of Solidarity Illusory Wrappings Oashra Cultivator Miasma Mummy Onward / Victory Desert Cerodon
1 - 9 Pouncing Cheetah Hekma Sentinels Shadowstorm Vizier Unburden Miasma Mummy Cradle of the Accursed Supernatural Stamina Naga Oracle
1 - 10 Hekma Sentinels Fling Bontu's Monument Minotaur Sureshot Onward / Victory Gift of Paradise Scribe of the Mindful Those Who Serve
1 - 11 Sparring Mummy Pursue Glory Renewed Faith Miasma Mummy Cartouche of Zeal Painted Bluffs Winds of Rebuke Ancient Crab
1 - 12 Blazing Volley Pursue Glory Dune Beetle Sixth Sense Sparring Mummy Unburden Dissenter's Deliverance Supply Caravan
1 - 13 Kefnat's Monument Dissenter's Deliverance Bloodlust Inciter Seeker of Insight Spidery Grasp Pursue Glory Oashra Cultivator Benefaction of Rhonas
1 - 14 Violent Impact Dune Beetle Dispossess Dissenter's Deliverance Forsake the Worldly Violent Impact Cradle of the Accursed Brute Strength
2 - 1 Glory-Bound Initiate Cartouche of Knowledge Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons Final Reward Lord of the Accursed Liliana's Mastery Never//Return Sweltering Suns
2 - 2 Baleful Ammit Magma Spray Neheb, the Worthy Bone Picker Baleful Ammit Angler Drake Shefet Monitor Battlefield Scavenger
2 - 3 Trial of Strength Magma Spray Emberhorn Minotaur Magma Spray Decimator Beetle Devoted Crop-Mate Warfire Javelineer Crocodile of the Crossing
2 - 4 Gust Walker Nef-Crop Entangler Soulstinger Magma Spray Soulstinger Minotaur Sureshot Emberhorn Minotaur Final Reward
2 - 5 Faith of the Devoted Galestrike Trial of Solidarity Quarry Hauler Manticore of the Gauntlet Anointer Priest Aven Wind Guide Nest of Scarabs
2 - 6 Fan Bearer Desert Cerodon Rhet-Crop Spearmaster Cartouche of Zeal Supernatural Stamina Cartouche of Ambition Bitterblade Warrior Blighted Bat
2 - 7 Splendid Agony Brute Strength Tah-Crop Skirmisher Hekma Sentinels Impeccable Timing Open Into Wonder Shadowstorm Vizier Minotaur Sureshot
2 - 8 Thresher Lizard Supply Caravan Watchers of the Dead Lay Bare the Heart Cartouche of Solidarity Cartouche of Solidarity Manticore of the Gauntlet Winged Shepherd
2 - 9 Anointer Priest Blazing Volley Sacred Cat Wander in Death Cascading Cataracts Thresher Lizard Doomed Dissenter Those Who Serve
2 - 10 Dune Beetle Blazing Volley Time to Reflect Tah-Crop Skirmisher Sacred Cat Consuming Fervor Trespasser's Curse Manglehorn
2 - 11 Supply Caravan Decision Paralysis Cancel Pathmaker Initiate Floodwaters Watchers of the Dead Miasma Mummy Painted Bluffs
2 - 12 Oashra Cultivator Stinging Shot Sacred Excavation Miasmic Mummy Dune Beetle Forsake the Wordly Forsake the Worldly Mighty Leap
2 - 13 Dune Beetle Decision Paralysis Oashra Cultivator Decision Paralysis Benefaction of Rhonas Haze of Pollen Decision Paralysis Forsake the Wordly
2 - 14 Fling Hyena Pack Scribe of the Mindful Violent Impact Dispossess Sunscorched Desert Luxa River Shrine Forsake the Worldly
3 - 1 Anointed Procession Magma Spray Exemplar of Strength Vizier of Deferment Insult / Injury Mouth / Feed Curator of Mysteries Glyph Keeper
3 - 2 Cartouche of Strength Flameblade Adept Cruel Reality Cartouche of Strength Aven Wind Guide Ruthless Sniper Baleful Ammit Canyon Slough
3 - 3 Merciless Javelineer Aven Initiate Naga Vitalist Lord of the Accursed Approach of the Second Sun Tah-Crop Elite Wasteland Scorpion Trial of Strength
3 - 4 Bloodrage Brawler Hieroglyphic Illumination Naga Vitalist Horror of the Broken Lands Naga Vitalist Splendid Agony Pyramid of the Pantheon Censor
3 - 5 Grim Strider Shimmerscale Drake Ornery Kudu Khenra Charioteer Doomed Dissenter Tah-Crop Elite Ahn-Crop Champion Blighted Bat
3 - 6 Rhet-Crop Spearmaster Desert Cerodon Magma Spray Thresher Lizard Faith of the Devoted Vizier of Remedies Impeccable Timing Cursed Minotaur
3 - 7 Winged Shepherd Winds of Rebuke Illusory Wrappings Evolving Wilds Bontu's Monument Gravedigger Cartouche of Zeal Gravedigger
3 - 8 Wander in Death Naga Oracle Anointer Priest Pitiless Vizier Wasteland Scorpion Floodwaters Desert Cerodon Time to Reflect
3 - 9 Festering Mummy Hekma Sentinels Colossapede Onward / Victory Floodwaters Bitterblade Warrior Painted Bluffs Oashra Cultivator
3 - 10 Supply Caravan Decision Paralysis Unburden Cartouche of Solidarity Naga Oracle Gift of Paradise Hieroglyphic Illumination Pursue Glory
3 - 11 Hyena Pack Scribe of the Mindful Miasmic Mummy Brute Strength Pitiless Vizier Supernatural Stamina Supply Caravan Ornery Kudu
3 - 12 Naga Oracle Blazing Volley In Oketra's Name Forsake the Wordly Pursue Glory Renewed Faith Those Who Serve Dune Beetle
3 - 13 Djeru's Resolve Nimble-Blade Khenra Embalmer's Tools Djeru's Resolve Forsake the Worldly Cradle of the Accursed Winds of Rebuke Blazing Volley
3 - 14 Dissenter's Deliverance Decision Paralysis Sunscorched Desert Luxa River Shrine Ancient Crab Benefaction of Rhonas By Force Gate to the Afterlife