Ended 8 months ago

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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Blinding Mage Auriok Champion Knight of the Reliquary Cryptic Command Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Yosei, the Morning Star Pillar of Flame Malfegor
1 - 2 Abzan Battle Priest Sultai Flayer Thrill-Kill Assassin Carven Caryatid Riverwheel Aerialists Illusory Angel Heroes' Bane Guttersnipe
1 - 3 Blinding Mage Azorius Charm Prodigal Pyromancer Rift Bolt Duskdale Wurm Wight of Precinct Six Dragon Egg Trepanation Blade
1 - 4 Reave Soul Monastery Swiftspear Jace's Phantasm Duskdale Wurm Guardian Idol Thought Scour Lightning Helix Angelic Accord
1 - 5 Ainok Bond-Kin Doomed Traveler Duskdale Wurm Claustrophobia Mark of Mutiny Angel of Mercy Grisly Spectacle Heroes' Bane
1 - 6 Splatter Thug Thought Scour Greater Basilisk Coordinated Assault Diminish Angelic Accord Dead Reveler Dragon Bell Monk
1 - 7 Iona's Judgment Evolving Wilds Iona's Judgment Lead the Stampede Bala Ged Scorpion Shriekgeist Dragon Egg Dragon Bell Monk
1 - 8 Sustainer of the Realm Phantom Monster Ivy Elemental Star Compass Claustrophobia River of Tears Hunt the Weak Stalwart Aven
1 - 9 Rotfeaster Maggot Orzhov Basilica Eternal Thirst Greater Basilisk Mind Stone Dimir Aqueduct Furnace Whelp Prey's Vengeance
1 - 10 Bala Ged Scorpion Mana Leak Phantom Monster Dragonlord's Servant Kiln Fiend Surreal Memoir Netcaster Spider Repeal
1 - 11 Sustainer of the Realm Repeal Durkwood Baloth Festering Newt Skywise Teachings Jaddi Offshoot Netcaster Spider Butcher's Glee
1 - 12 Rotfeaster Maggot Hunt the Weak Bubbling Cauldron Festering Newt Inspiring Call Festering Newt Burrenton Forge-Tender Fury Charm
1 - 13 Trumpet Blast Borderland Marauder Butcher's Glee Vent Sentinel River of Tears Benevolent Ancestor Elusive Spellfist Radiant Fountain
1 - 14 Nature's Claim Tormenting Voice Wrench Mind Phantom Tiger Benevolent Ancestor Guided Strike Keldon Halberdier Great Teacher's Decree
2 - 1 Rakdos Drake Moonglove Extract Sphinx of Uthuun Ryusei, the Falling Star Firemane Angel Doom Blade Thoughtseize Emerge Unscathed
2 - 2 Wing Shards Mark of Mutiny Mer-Ek Nightblade Seeker of the Way Malfegor Jace's Phantasm Overgrown Battlement Moonglove Extract
2 - 3 Ajani's Pridemate Jhessian Thief Ulcerate Seeker of the Way Bogbrew Witch Claustrophobia Urabrask the Hidden Guttersnipe
2 - 4 Ajani's Pridemate Thrill-Kill Assassin Ainok Bond-Kin Emerge Unscathed Enlarge Foul-Tongue Invocation Kiln Fiend Azorius Charm
2 - 5 Eternal Thirst Mer-Ek Nightblade Riverwheel Aerialists Jaddi Offshoot Abzan Battle Priest Claustrophobia Virulent Swipe Virulent Swipe
2 - 6 Sanguine Bond Guardian Idol Orzhov Basilica Swords to Plowshares Prey's Vengeance Thought Scour Lead the Stampede Overgrown Battlement
2 - 7 Reave Soul Blinding Mage Enlarge Doomed Traveler Iona's Judgment Reave Soul Enlarge Prey's Vengeance
2 - 8 Guard Duty Timberland Guide Repeal Bala Ged Scorpion Furnace Whelp Dissolve Virulent Swipe Repeal
2 - 9 Angel of Mercy AEtherize Duress Orzhov Basilica Repeal Doorkeeper Sultai Flayer Lead the Stampede
2 - 10 Night of Souls' Betrayal Draconic Roar Radiant Fountain Runed Servitor Dissolve Child of Night Graven Cairns Search for Tomorrow
2 - 11 Student of Ojutai Draconic Roar Ojutai's Breath Heat Ray Crowned Ceratok Hunt the Weak Nantuko Shaman Furnace Whelp
2 - 12 Student of Ojutai Elusive Spellfist Evolving Wilds Durkwood Baloth Elusive Spellfist Wrench Mind Borderland Marauder Great Teacher's Decree
2 - 13 Phantom Tiger Mind Stone Star Compass Wall of Roots Shimmering Grotto Heat Ray Keldon Halberdier Star Compass
2 - 14 Nantuko Shaman Izzet Boilerworks Fury Charm Bewilder Nantuko Shaman Scion of Ugin Bewilder Wall of Roots
3 - 1 Star Compass Thoughtseize Bogbrew Witch Keiga, the Tide Star Keiga, the Tide Star Mana Drain Mahamoti Djinn Illusory Angel
3 - 2 Survival Cache Hypersonic Dragon Jhessian Thief Emerge Unscathed Blinding Mage Windfall Abzan Battle Priest Jhessian Thief
3 - 3 Ainok Bond-Kin Lord of the Pit Jhessian Thief Jaddi Offshoot Bogardan Hellkite Repeal Moonglove Extract Diminish
3 - 4 Eternal Thirst Monastery Swiftspear Kiln Fiend Dragon Egg Dead Reveler Windfall Prey's Vengeance Seeker of the Way
3 - 5 Angel of Mercy Dragon Egg Duskdale Wurm Jungle Barrier Jaddi Offshoot Runed Servitor Prey's Vengeance Frost Lynx
3 - 6 Sustainer of the Realm Dissolve AEtherize Doom Blade Crowned Ceratok Riverwheel Aerialists Earth Elemental Duskdale Wurm
3 - 7 Dead Reveler Evolving Wilds Bubbling Cauldron Virulent Swipe Ojutai's Breath Mnemonic Wall Furnace Whelp Rift Bolt
3 - 8 Angel of Mercy Reave Soul Enlarge Vent Sentinel Rakdos Drake Flusterstorm Guard Duty Rakdos Drake
3 - 9 Tavern Swindler Hunt the Weak Splatter Thug Foul-Tongue Invocation Coordinated Assault Runed Servitor Hammerhand Mana Leak
3 - 10 Evolving Wilds Rosheen Meanderer Izzet Boilerworks Runed Servitor Inspiring Call Frost Lynx Prodigal Pyromancer Heat Ray
3 - 11 Radiant Fountain Battle-Rattle Shaman Golgari Rot Farm Mishra's Bauble Durkwood Baloth Scion of Ugin Electrolyze Search for Tomorrow
3 - 12 Radiant Fountain Trumpet Blast Bubbling Cauldron Ojutai's Breath Wall of Roots Wrench Mind Butcher's Glee Rotfeaster Maggot
3 - 13 Shimmering Grotto Trumpet Blast Foul-Tongue Invocation Elusive Spellfist Borderland Marauder Sustainer of the Realm Eternal Thirst Pentarch Ward
3 - 14 Hunting Pack Elusive Spellfist Shimmering Grotto Wrench Mind Bewilder Shimmering Grotto Phantom Tiger Blizzard Specter