M19 / M19 / M19

Ended 6 months ago

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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Sleep Colossal Dreadmaw Strangling Spores Skymarch Bloodletter Electrify Rustwing Falcon Reclamation Sage Foul Orchard
1 - 2 Snapping Drake Colossal Dreadmaw Shield Mare Skymarch Bloodletter Snapping Drake Gift of Paradise Abnormal Endurance Manalith
1 - 3 Explosive Apparatus Meandering River Skeleton Archer Centaur Courser Cinder Barrens Reliquary Tower Manalith Bristling Boar
1 - 4 Frilled Sea Serpent Act of Treason Epicure of Blood Meandering River Trumpet Blast Foul Orchard Field Creeper Colossal Dreadmaw
1 - 5 Fire Elemental Djinn of Wishes Angel of the Dawn Omenspeaker Forsaken Sanctuary Talons of Wildwood Gift of Paradise Walking Corpse
1 - 6 Essence Scatter Infernal Scarring Millstone Salvager of Secrets Anticipate Onakke Ogre Bristling Boar Knightly Valor
1 - 7 Bone to Ash Smelt Fountain of Renewal Centaur Courser Two-Headed Zombie Millstone Hostile Minotaur Root Snare
1 - 8 Cavalry Drillmaster Tormenting Voice Cavalry Drillmaster Totally Lost Colossal Dreadmaw Demanding Dragon Cavalry Drillmaster Star-Crowned Stag
1 - 9 Scholar of Stars Abnormal Endurance Isolate Wall of Mist Rhox Oracle Volcanic Dragon Exclusion Mage Wall of Mist
1 - 10 Bogstomper Goblin Motivator Pegasus Courser Giant Spider Abnormal Endurance Take Vengeance Essence Scatter Goblin Instigator
1 - 11 Mirror Image Exclusion Mage Militia Bugler Lena, Selfless Champion Havoc Devils Ghastbark Twins Declare Dominance Oakenform
1 - 12 Highland Game Gearsmith Prodigy Shield Mare Revitalize Mist-Cloaked Herald Aviation Pioneer Exclusion Mage Liliana's Contract
1 - 13 Goblin Instigator Dragon Egg Scapeshift Invoke the Divine Spit Flame Inferno Hellion Talons of Wildwood Goblin Instigator
1 - 14 Supreme Phantom Mighty Leap Giant Spider Plummet Dark-Dweller Oracle Siegebreaker Giant Sarkhan's Whelp Goblin Instigator
2 - 1 Reclamation Sage Colossal Dreadmaw Plague Mare Reassembling Skeleton Rise from the Grave Snapping Drake Druid of the Cowl Trusty Packbeast
2 - 2 Manalith Manalith Regal Bloodlord Crash Through Meandering River Cinder Barrens Hostile Minotaur Meandering River
2 - 3 Anticipate Foul Orchard Child of Night Horizon Scholar Boggart Brute Uncomortable Chill Fire Elemental Field Creeper
2 - 4 Ghostform Walking Corpse Mind Rot Blanchwood Armor Talons of Wildwood Hostile Minotaur Essence Scatter Doomed Dissenter
2 - 5 Totally Lost Field Creeper Regal Bloodlord Elvish Reguvenator Rustwing Falcon Crash Through Shock Infectious Horror
2 - 6 Inspired Charge Inspired Charge Vampire Sovereign Lich's Caress Uncomortable Chill Smelt Anticipate Two-Headed Zombie
2 - 7 Elvish Reguvenator Pendulum of Patterns Suspicious Bookcase Knight's Pledge Root Snare Recollect Epicure of Blood Child of Night
2 - 8 Windreader Sphinx Knight of the Tusk Leonin Vanguard Rustwing Falcon Doomed Dissenter Wall of Mist Strangling Spores Hostile Minotaur
2 - 9 Hired Blade Strangling Spores Skeleton Archer Marauder's Axe Salvager of Secrets Revitalize Aviation Pioneer Foul Orchard
2 - 10 Sigiled Sword of Valeron Scholar of Stars Diamond Mare Loxodon Line Breaker Sai, Master Thopterist Dwarven Priest Titanic Growth Skyrider Patrol
2 - 11 One with the Machine Knight of the Tusk Isareth the Awakener Viashino Pyromancer Spit Flame Mind Rot Mist-Cloaked Herald Viashino Pyromancer
2 - 12 Gearsmith Guardian Ghastbark Twins Shield Mare Mist-Cloaked Herald Pegasus Courser Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner Dryad Greenseeker Mist-Cloaked Herald
2 - 13 Goblin Instigator Cancel Departed Deckhand Psychic Symbiont Cancel Siegebreaker Giant Thud Uncomortable Chill
2 - 14 Satyr Enchanter Plummet Volley Veteran Mighty Leap Tolarian Scholar Surge Mare Dragon's Hoard Heroic Reinforcements
3 - 1 Gargoyle Sentinel Knightly Valor Skymarch Bloodletter Reclamation Sage Sleep Electrify Electrify Ajani's Pridemate
3 - 2 Wall of Vines Cinder Barrens Epicure of Blood Cinder Barrens Colossal Dreadmaw Ghostform Rogue's Gloves Switcheroo
3 - 3 Ghirapur Guide Foul Orchard Take Vengeance Field Creeper Snapping Drake Fire Elemental Forsaken Sanctuary Snapping Drake
3 - 4 Forsaken Sanctuary Rabid Bite Vampire Neonate Anticipate Essence Scatter Infectious Horror Tormenting Voice Wall of Vines
3 - 5 Oreskos Swiftclaw Loxodon Line Breaker Invoke the Divine Omenspeaker Boggart Brute Dragon Egg Recollect Catalyst Elemental
3 - 6 Havoc Devils Explosive Apparatus Take Vengeance Titanic Growth Boggart Brute Dwarven Priest Thornhide Wolves Smelt
3 - 7 Salvager of Secrets Hostile Minotaur Diamond Mare Uncomfortable Chill Inspired Charge Rogue's Gloves Loxodon Line Breaker Highland Lake
3 - 8 Infernal Scarring Elvish Reguvenator Sovereign's Bite Child of Night Rhox Oracle Aviation Pioneer Sift Aviation Pioneer
3 - 9 Knight of the Tusk Divination Luminous Bonds Abnormal Endurance Epicure of Blood Arcane Encyclopedia Dwarven Priest Rhox Oracle
3 - 10 Aven Wind Mage Infernal Reckoning Valiant Knight Havoc Devils Sarkhan's Unsealing Wall of Mist Pegasus Courser Loxodon Line Breaker
3 - 11 Mist-Cloaked Herald Uncomortable Chill Departed Deckhand Trusty Packbeast Leonin Warleader Aether Tunnel Skyscanner Goblin Trashmaster
3 - 12 Druid of Horns Skilled Animator Skyscanner Colossal Majesty Gearsmith Guardian Exclusion Mage Goblin Instigator Viashino Pyromancer
3 - 13 Aether Tunnel Disperse Naturalize Elvish Clancaller Disperse Poison-Tip Archer Suspicious Bookcase Satyr Enchanter
3 - 14 Totally Lost Mistcaller Plummet Mistcaller Angel of the Dawn Goblin Instigator Angel of the Dawn Cancel