Ended 10 months ago

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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Snare Thopter Filigree Familiar Essence Extraction Metalwork Colossus Angel of Invention Saheeli's Artistry Renegade Freighter Nissa, Vital Force
1 - 2 Electrostatic Pummeler Kambal, Consul of Allocation Padeem, Consul of Innovation Sky Skiff Essence Extraction Ovalchase Dragster Furious Reprisal Ballista Charger
1 - 3 Glimmer of Genius Renegade Freighter Welding Sparks Ovalchase Dragster Servo Exhibition Gearshift Ace Armorcraft Judge Armorcraft Judge
1 - 4 Welding Sparks Wildest Dreams Wispweaver Angel Glint-Sleeve Artisan Empyreal Voyager Tidy Conclusion Peema Outrider Glint-Sleeve Artisan
1 - 5 Sky Skiff Thriving Rhino Prophetic Prism Voltaic Brawler Fairgrounds Trumpeter Dhund Operative Hunt the Weak Impeccable Timing
1 - 6 Prophetic Prism Trusty Companion Speedway Fanatic Malfunction Veteran Motorist Prophetic Prism Eddytrail Hawk Thriving Ibex
1 - 7 Thriving Grubs Riparian Tiger Wind Drake Thriving Ibex Narnam Cobra Die Young Narnam Cobra Narnam Cobra
1 - 8 Spark of Creativity Thriving Rats Era of Innovation Reckless Fireweaver Wild Wanderer Thriving Turtle Riparian Tiger Cogworker's Puzzleknot
1 - 9 Harsh Scrutiny Spireside Infiltrator Paradoxical Outcome Maulfist Squad Bastion Mastodon Aradara Express Bastion Mastodon Appetite for the Unnatural
1 - 10 Narnam Cobra Salivating Gremlins Lawless Broker Metalspinner's Puzzleknot Prakhata Pillar-Bug Select for Inspection Spontaneous Artist Refurbish
1 - 11 Glassblower's Puzzleknot Salivating Gremlins Bastion Mastodon Live Fast Start Your Engines Lawless Broker Consulate Skygate Wily Bandar
1 - 12 Metalspinner's Puzzleknot Pressure Point Spontaneous Artist Hightide Hermit Select for Inspection Revolutionary Rebuff Dukhara Peafowl Fireforger's Puzzleknot
1 - 13 Nimble Innovator Dukhara Scavenger Tasseled Dromedary Hightide Hermit Vedalken Blademaster AEther Tradewinds Failed Inspection Herald of the Fair
1 - 14 Metalspinner's Puzzleknot Revolutionary Rebuff Wily Bander Dramatic Reversal Tezzeret's Ambition Curio Vendor Ruinous Gremlin Tasseled Dromedary
2 - 1 Unlicensed Disintegration Armorcraft Judge Servant of the Conduit Confiscation Coup Aethersquall Ancient Master Trinketeer Metalwork Colossus Kujar Seedsculptor
2 - 2 Impeccable Timing Welding Sparks Renegade Freighter Furious Reprisal Revoke Privileges Thriving Rhino Foundry Inspector Fairgrounds Trumpeter
2 - 3 Consul's Shieldguard Revoke Privileges Peema Outrider Experimental Aviator Sky Skiff Long-Finned Skywhale Welding Sparks Kujar Seedsculptor
2 - 4 Unlicensed Disintegration Maulfist Doorbuster Decoction Module Restoration Gearsmith Decoction Module Long-Finned Skywhale Bomat Courier Thriving Ibex
2 - 5 Narnam Cobra Impeccable Timing Embraal Bruiser Inventors' Fair Impeccable Timing Contraband Kingpin Spirebluff Canal Inspired Charge
2 - 6 Inventor's Apprentice Wind Drake Thriving Ibex Chandra's Pyrohelix Self-Assembler Malfunction Furious Reprisal Appetite for the Unnatural
2 - 7 Wild Wanderer Sage of Shaila's Claim Thriving Turtle Thriving Rats Eddytrail Hawk Die Young Demolition Stomper Eddytrail Hawk
2 - 8 Wind Drake Highspire Artisan Salivating Gremlins Make Obsolete Aether Theorist Thriving Turtle Thriving Grubs Herald of the Fair
2 - 9 Workshop Assistant Spontaneous Artist Wind Drake Weldfast Monitor Skyswirl Harrier Bastion Mastodon Bastion Mastodon Woodweaver's Puzzleknot
2 - 10 Ceremonious Rejection Prakhata Pillar-Bug Lawless Broker Lawless Broker Rush of Vitality Engineered Might Weldfast Monitor Wily Bander
2 - 11 Live Fast Live Fast Acrobatic Maneuver Renegade Tactics Torch Gauntlet Nimble Innovator Madcap Experiment Ornamental Courage
2 - 12 Refurbish Nimble Innovator Prakhata Club Security Prakhata Club Security Cowl Prowler Larger Than Life Inspired Charge Consulate Skygate
2 - 13 Larger Than Life Tasseled Dromedary Giant Spectacle Renegade Tactics Terror of the Fairgrounds Ruinous Gremlin Torch Gauntlet AEther Tradewinds
2 - 14 Wily Bander Commencement of Festivities Tasseled Dromedary Wily Bandar Wily Bander Prakhata Club Security Ruinous Gremlin Revolutionary Rebuff
3 - 1 Fleetwheel Cruiser Cultivator of Blades Renegade Freighter Chief of the Foundry Dovin Baan Visionary Augmenter Renegade Freighter Ballista Charger
3 - 2 Bomat Bazaar Barge Snare Thopter Harnessed Lightning Wildest Dreams Thriving Rhino Servant of the Conduit Metallurgic Summonings Visionary Augmenter
3 - 3 Authority of the Consuls Tidy Conclusion Essence Extraction Furious Reprisal Elegant Edgecrafters Empyreal Voyager Aether Hub Armorcraft Judge
3 - 4 Aether Hub Glimmer of Genius Durable Handicraft Sky Skiff Long-Finned Skywhale Veteran Motorist Maulfist Doorbuster Propeller Pioneer
3 - 5 Peema Outrider Kujar Seedsculptor Empyreal Voyager Thriving Ibex Glint-Sleeve Artisan Thriving Rhino Riparian Tiger Propeller Pioneer
3 - 6 Inventors' Fair Maulfist Doorbuster Sage of Shaila's Claim Hunt the Weak Aetherflux Reservoir Attune with Aether Tidy Conclusion Aviary Mechanic
3 - 7 Eager Construct Malfunction Prophetic Prism Thriving Turtle Thriving Ibex Ambitious Aetherborn Minister of Inquiries Appetite for the Unnatural
3 - 8 Skyswirl Harrier Ghirapur Guide Cogworker's Puzzleknot Hunt the Weak Salivating Gremlins Eager Construct Dukhara Peafowl Fragmentize
3 - 9 Spontaneous Artist Weldfast Monitor Built to Smash Appetite for the Unnatural Riparian Tiger Minister of Inquiries Reckless Fireweaver Torch Gauntlet
3 - 10 Woodweaver's Puzzleknot Spireside Infiltrator Prakhata Pillar-Bug Herald of the Fair Consulate Skygate Aradara Express Glassblower's Puzzleknot Fragmentize
3 - 11 Highspire Artisan Hijack Dukhara Peafowl Built to Smash Take Down Ornamental Courage Prakhata Pillar-Bug Ornamental Courage
3 - 12 Metalspinner's Puzzleknot Hijack Commencement of Festivities Hijack Nimble Innovator Fireforger's Puzzleknot Ruinous Gremlin Built to Smash
3 - 13 Fortuitous Find Inspired Charge Renegade Tactics Terror of the Fairgrounds Cowl Prowler Hightide Hermit Terror of the Fairgrounds Dukhara Scavenger
3 - 14 Renegade Tactics Ruinous Gremlin Cathartic Reunion Terror of the Fairgrounds Dramatic Reversal Wily Bander Commencement of Festivities Wily Bander