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Ended 7 months ago

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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Lightning Strike Guttersnipe Colossal Dreadmaw Djinn of Wishes Diregraf Ghoul Sigiled Sword of Valeron Rogue's Gloves Guttersnipe
1 - 2 Highland Lake Djinn of Wishes Manalith Snapping Drake Manalith Novice Knight Electrify Druid of the Cowl
1 - 3 Daggerback Basilisk Crash Through Foul Orchard Gift of Paradise Trumpet Blast Gallant Cavalry Omenspeaker Diregraf Ghoul
1 - 4 Make a Stand Meandering River Trumpet Blast Centaur Courser Boggart Brute Cavalry Drillmaster Shock Boggart Brute
1 - 5 Walking Corpse Boggart Brute Act of Treason Blanchwood Armor Omenspeaker Cavalry Drillmaster Blanchwood Armor Duress
1 - 6 Crash Through Giant Spider Smelt Totally Lost Lena, Selfless Champion Knight's Pledge Act of Treason Blood Divination
1 - 7 Knight's Pledge Luminous Bonds Titanic Growth Luminous Bonds Smelt Luminous Bonds Skyscanner Divination
1 - 8 Mind Rot Aviation Pioneer Leonin Vanguard Tormenting Voice Pegasus Courser Cavalry Drillmaster Rustwing Falcon Dwindle
1 - 9 Onakke Ogre Gallant Cavalry Dark-Dweller Oracle Siegebreaker Giant Skyscanner Knight's Pledge Hungering Hydra Onakke Ogre
1 - 10 Invoke the Divine Goblin Motivator Invoke the Divine Epicure of Blood Elvish Reguvenator Revitalize Rustwing Falcon Liliana's Contract
1 - 11 Elvish Reguvenator Aven Wind Mage Talons of Wildwood Psychic Corrosion Vampire Neonate Revitalize Hostile Minotaur Daybreak Chaplain
1 - 12 Hired Blade Goblin Motivator Dwarven Priest Fell Specter Salvager of Secrets Trusty Packbeast Plague Mare Onakke Ogre
1 - 13 Goblin Trashmaster Psychic Symbiont Surge Mare Rhox Oracle Gearsmith Guardian Cancel Aether Tunnel Knight of the Tusk
1 - 14 Rhox Oracle Rhox Oracle Gearsmith Guardian Aerial Engineer Aegis of the Heavens Trusty Packbeast Amulet of Safekeeping Aven Wind Mage
1 - 15 Tolarian Scholar Bogstomper Aegis of the Heavens Plummet Trusty Packbeast Mighty Leap Doublecast Nightmare's Thirst
2 - 1 Electrify Sleep Doomed Dissenter Electrify Tectonic Rift Fountain of Renewal Sleep Demanding Dragon
2 - 2 Skymarch Bloodletter Omenspeaker Explosive Apparatus Ghostform Colossal Dreadmaw Rabid Bite Titanic Growth Daggerback Basilisk
2 - 3 Titanic Growth Rabid Bite Field Creeper Act of Treason Foul Orchard Take Vengeance Oakenform Colossal Dreadmaw
2 - 4 Knightly Valor Fire Elemental Essence Scatter Infernal Scarring Essence Scatter Luminous Bonds Rabid Bite Divination
2 - 5 Sarkhan, Fireblood Blanchwood Armor Thornhide Wolves Leonin Vanguard Foul Orchard Star-Crowned Stag Shock Inspired Charge
2 - 6 Skeleton Archer Millstone Siegebreaker Giant Field Creeper Ghirapur Guide Revitalize Titanic Growth Luminous Bonds
2 - 7 Lava Axe Epicure of Blood Thornhide Wolves Sure Strike Inspired Charge Naturalize Knight's Pledge Revitalize
2 - 8 Viashino Pyromancer Trumpet Blast Boggart Brute Tormenting Voice Infernal Scarring Naturalize Viashino Pyromancer Divination
2 - 9 Mystic Archaeologist Thornhide Wolves Smelt Totally Lost Talons of Wildwood Knight of the Tusk Strangling Spores Onakke Ogre
2 - 10 Mind Rot Sparktongue Dragon Shock Aven Wind Mage Daybreak Chaplain Vampire Neonate Inferno Hellion Departed Deckhand
2 - 11 Novice Knight Tormenting Voice Fell Specter Invoke the Divine Elvish Reguvenator Invoke the Divine Daybreak Chaplain Graveyard Marshal
2 - 12 Isareth the Awakener Bristling Boar Lightning Mare Dark-Dweller Oracle Disperse Fountain of Renewal Exclusion Mage Surge Mare
2 - 13 Catalyst Elemental Elvish Rejuvenator Talons of Wildwood Catalyst Elemental Hired Blade Rustwing Falcon Mistcaller Ghastbark Twins
2 - 14 Detection Tower Goblin Instigator Field Creeper Aegis of the Heavens Daybreak Chaplain Naturalize Elvish Rejuvenator Scholar of Stars
2 - 15 Aegis of the Heavens Crash Through Sovereign's Bite Goblin Instigator Satyr Enchanter Satyr Enchanter Aerial Engineer Sovereign's Bite
3 - 1 Foul Orchard Druid of the Cowl Guttersnipe Foul Orchard Death Baron Cavalry Drillmaster Phylactery Lich Electrify
3 - 2 Make a Stand Ghirapur Guide Sure Strike Reliquary Tower Rabid Bite Rustwing Falcon Switcheroo Forsaken Sanctuary
3 - 3 Reclamation Sage Oakenform Sure Strike Explosive Apparatus Wall of Vines Angel of the Dawn Skymarch Bloodletter Wall of Vines
3 - 4 Giant Spider Totally Lost Field Creeper Duress Doomed Dissenter Trusty Packbeast Lava Axe Manalith
3 - 5 Doomed Dissenter Resplendent Angel Bone to Ash Act of Treason Child of Night Sigiled Sword of Valeron Forsaken Sanctuary Wall of Vines
3 - 6 Field Creeper Fire Elemental Diamond Mare Hostile Minotaur Divination Gallant Cavalry Vine Mare Bone to Ash
3 - 7 Dark-Dweller Oracle Oreskos Swiftclaw Omenspeaker Strangling Spores Aven Wind Mage Pendulum of Patterns Pegasus Courser Strangling Spores
3 - 8 Dwindle Viashino Pyromancer Titanic Growth Skeleton Archer Dwindle Knight of the Tusk Sai, Master Thopterist Rustwing Falcon
3 - 9 Inferno Hellion Viashino Pyromancer Talons of Wildwood Suspicious Bookcase Recollect Greenwood Sentinel Elvish Rejuvenator Blood Divination
3 - 10 Onakke Ogre Daybreak Chaplain Psychic Corrosion Abnormal Endurance Loxodon Line Breaker Greenwood Sentinel Viashino Pyromancer Loxodon Line Breaker
3 - 11 Wall of Mist Daybreak Chaplain Bristling Boar Uncomortable Chill Disperse Ajani's Welcome Draconic Disciple Onakke Ogre
3 - 12 Rhox Oracle Salvager of Secrets Talons of Wildwood Goblin Instigator Uncomfortable Chill Naturalize Wall of Mist Bone to Ash
3 - 13 Macabre Waltz Rot Snare Aegis of the Heavens Disperse Uncomfortable Chill Naturalize Rhox Oracle Rhox Oracle
3 - 14 Aerial Engineer Root Snare Fiery Finish Trusty Packbeast Bristling Boar Brawl-Bash Ogre Aegis of the Heavens Rot Snare
3 - 15 Bogstomper Suncleanser Gearsmith Prodigy Tolarian Scholar Pendulum of Patterns Brawl-Bash Ogre Suncleanser Gearsmith Prodigy