M20 / WAR / RNA

Ended 1 month ago

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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Convolute Tectonic Rift Nightpack Ambusher Disfigure Temple of Epiphany Ember Hauler Leyline of Anticipation Vorstclaw
1 - 2 Fathom Fleet Cutthroat Disenchant Stone Golem Chandra's Spitfire Negate Chandra's Spitfire Dragon Mage Vorstclaw
1 - 3 Pulse of Murasa Undead Servant Bone to Ash Vial of Dragonfire Winged Words Vorstclaw Netcaster Spider Raise the Alarm
1 - 4 Yarok's Fenlurker Stone Golem Uncaged Fury Rugged Highlands Cloudkin Seer Griffin Protector Metropolis Sprite Barony Vampire
1 - 5 Natural End Grafdigger's Cage Heart-Piercer Bow Netcaster Spider Infuriate Duress Thornwood Falls Might of the Masses
1 - 6 Sanitarium Skeleton Sedge Scorpion Moment of Heroism Sage's Row Denizen Cloudkin Seer Lotus Field Scampering Scorcher Anvilwrought Raptor
1 - 7 Corpse Knight Act of Treason Pacifism Glaring Aegis Retributive Wand Soulmender Meteor Golem Colossus Hammer
1 - 8 Overgrowth Elemental Thicket Crasher Rotting Regisaur Duress Rugged Highlands Maniacal Rage Leyline of Abundance Thicket Crasher
1 - 9 Squad Captain Thicket Crasher Yarok's Fenlurker Manifold Key Octoprophet Angelic Gift Rugged Highlands Leafkin Druid
1 - 10 Portal of Sanctuary Veil of Summer Field of the Dead Hard Cover Winged Words Mind Rot Squad Captain Yoked Ox
1 - 11 Thicket Crasher Cerulean Drake Agonizing Syphon Retributive Wand Keldon Raider Marauder's Axe Mask of Immolation Agonizing Syphon
1 - 12 Gorging Vulture Apostle of Purifying Light Boneclad Necromancer Unchained Berserker Frilled Sea Serpent Silverback Shaman Feral Abomination Devout Decree
1 - 13 Growth Cycle Prismite Agonizing Syphon Negate Keldon Raider Battalion Foot Soldier Marauder's Axe Befuddle
1 - 14 Pack Mastiff Dawning Angel Brightwood Tracker Battalion Foot Soldier Destructive Digger Pack Mastiff Plummet Gorging Vulture
2 - 1 Chandra's Pyrohelix Sorin's Thirst Angrath, Captain of Chaos Chandra's Pyrohelix Sky Theater Strix New Horizons Chandra's Pyrohelix Totally Lost
2 - 2 Defiant Strike Bloom Hulk Mowu, Loyal Companion Deliver Unto Evil Spellkeeper Weird Despark Giant Growth Tyrant's Scorn
2 - 3 Role Reversal Aven Eternal Tibalt, Rakish Instigator Chandra's Pyrohelix Thunder Drake Commence the Endgame Massacre Girl Dreadhorde Butcher
2 - 4 Dreadmalkin Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter Single Combat Tomik, Distinguished Advokist Tamiyo's Epiphany Gleaming Overseer Nahiri, Storm of Stone Devouring Hellion
2 - 5 Mobilized District Ob Nixilis's Cruelty Mana Geode Paradise Druid Thunder Drake Paradise Druid Relentless Advance Neoform
2 - 6 Spark Harvest Tibalt's Rager Dovin, Hand of Control Challenger Troll Mana Geode Band Together Role Reversal Kasmina's Transmutation
2 - 7 Samut's Sprint Liliana's Triumph No Escape Heartfire Firemind Vessel Sky Theater Strix Samut's Sprint Huatli's Raptor
2 - 8 Callous Dismissal Relentless Advance Callous Dismissal Blindblast Spellgorger Weird Snarespinner Domri's Ambush Band Together
2 - 9 Vivien's Grizzly Honor the God-Pharaoh Arboreal Grazer Nahiri's Stoneblades Bolt Bend Pollenbright Druid Martyr for the Cause Burning Prophet
2 - 10 Divine Arrow Primordial Wurm Banehound Herald of the Dreadhorde Bond of Passion Courage in Crisis Thunder Drake Courage in Crisis
2 - 11 Charity Extractor Rubblebelt Rioters Courage in Crisis Crush Dissent Emergence Zone Crush Dissent Topple the Statue Interplanar Beacon
2 - 12 Makeshift Battalion Spark Reaper Enforcer Griffin Makeshift Battalion Return to Nature Goblin Assault Team Shriekdiver Raging Kronch
2 - 13 Saheeli's Silverwing Davriel's Shadowfugue Duskmantle Operative Kraul Stinger Demolish Turret Ogre Spark Reaper Primordial Wurm
2 - 14 Topple the Statue Pouncing Lynx Vampire Opportunist Naga Eternal Spark Reaper Prismite Duskmantle Operative Ahn-Crop Invader
3 - 1 Galloping Lizrog Tower Defense Dovin, Grand Arbiter Prime Speaker Vannifar Quench Tower Defense Scrabbling Claws Orzhov Guildgate
3 - 2 Gutterbones Orzhov Racketeers Growth-Chamber Guardian Faerie Duelist Thought Collapse Mortify Gutterbones Concordia Pegasus
3 - 3 Judith, the Scourge Diva Trollbred Guardian Fireblade Artist Hackrobat Humongulus Forbidding Spirit Concordia Pegasus Macabre Mockery
3 - 4 Get the Point High Alert Resolute Watchdog Syndicate Messenger Prying Eyes Plague Wight Spirit of the Spires Gift of Strength
3 - 5 Orzhov Guildgate Rampaging Rendhorn Rakdos Firewheeler Incubation / Incongruity Clear the Mind Summary Judgment Undercity's Embrace Rampaging Rendhorn
3 - 6 Sauroform Hybrid Ravager Wurm Bring to Trial Faerie Duelist Arrester's Admonition Get the Point Burning-Tree Vandal Titanic Brawl
3 - 7 Knight of the Last Breath Sky Tether Chillbringer Sky Tether Lawmage's Binding Faerie Duelist Lavinia, Azorius Renegade Final Payment
3 - 8 Undercity's Embrace Bankrupt in Blood Civic Stalwart Code of Constraint Deface Summary Judgment Undercity Scavenger Mammoth Spider
3 - 9 Goblin Gathering Haazda Officer Bloodmist Infiltrator Noxious Groodion Persistent Petitioners Azorius Knight-Arbiter Blade Juggler Stony Strength
3 - 10 Rakdos Locket Steeple Creeper Gatebreaker Ram Carrion Imp Humongulus Frenzied Arynx Senate Griffin Growth Spiral
3 - 11 Grasping Thrull Sagittars' Volley Carrion Imp Territorial Boar Gruul Locket Sphinx's Insight Sauroform Hybrid Haazda Officer
3 - 12 Steeple Creeper Dead Revels Feral Maaka Territorial Boar Deface Bladebrand Simic Locket Titanic Brawl
3 - 13 Archway Angel Sphinx's Insight Root Snare Prying Eyes Gruul Locket Tenth District Veteran Simic Locket Sylvan Brushstrider
3 - 14 Gruul Locket Saruli Caretaker Tenth District Veteran Thirsting Shade Axebane Beast Prowling Caracal Catacomb Crocodile Saruli Caretaker