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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 From Under the Floorboards Accursed Witch  Flip Thalia's Lieutenant Confirm Suspicions Dead Weight Ulvenwald Hydra Olivia, Mobilized for War Rattlechains
1 - 2 Kessig Forgemaster  Flip Fiery Temper Murderous Compulsion Quilled Wolf Kindly Stranger  Flip Graf Mole Reckless Scholar Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip
1 - 3 Fiery Temper Topplegeist Byway Courier Erdwal Illuminator Accursed Witch  Flip Cult of the Waxing Moon Thraben Gargoyle  Flip Rabid Bite
1 - 4 Gatstaf Arsonists  Flip Silverstrike Dead Weight Rise from the Tides Dead Weight Reaper of Flight Moonsilver Wild-Field Scarecrow Game Trail
1 - 5 Geistblast Inspiring Captain Dance with Devils Manic Scribe Harvest Hand  Flip Cult of the Waxing Moon Ghoulcaller's Accomplice Rancid Rats
1 - 6 Ghoulcaller's Accomplice Emissary of the Sleepless Stromkirk Mentor Ongoing Investigation Sleep Paralysis Morkrut Necropod Nephalia Moondrakes Niblis of Dusk
1 - 7 Ember-Eye Wolf Moorland Drifter Moldgraf Scavenger Groundskeeper Puncturing Light Fork in the Road Just the Wind Niblis of Dusk
1 - 8 Indulgent Aristocrat Vessel of Nascency Throttle Gone Missing Epitaph Golem Reduce to Ashes Stitched Mangler Warped Landscape
1 - 9 Devilthorn Fox Apothecary Geist Foul Orchard Catalog Stromkirk Mentor Alms of the Vein Hope Against Hope Jace's Scrutiny
1 - 10 Loam Dryad Groundskeeper Vampire Noble Woodland Stream Geistblast Vampire Noble Strength of Arms Intrepid Provisioner
1 - 11 Loam Dryad Essence Flux Clip Wings Confront the Unknown Silent Observer Unruly Mob Highland Lake Militant Inquisitor
1 - 12 Furtive Homunculus Deny Existence Deny Existence Might Beyond Reason Emissary of the Sleepless Howlpack Wolf Strength of Arms Seagraf Skaab
1 - 13 Stern Constable Seagraf Skaab Press for Answers Pieces of the Puzzle Tormenting Voice Militant Inquisitor Press for Answers Tormenting Voice
1 - 14 Rottenheart Ghoul Shamble Back Pieces of the Puzzle Jace's Scrutiny Open the Armory Hound of the Farbogs Deny Existence Might Beyond Reason
2 - 1 Grotesque Mutation Expose Evil Vessel of Malignity Stitchwing Skaab Always Watching Pious Evangel  Flip Sin Prodder Declaration in Stone
2 - 2 Equestrian Skill Ulvenwald Mysteries Burn from Within Moonlight Hunt Dauntless Cathar Kindly Stranger  Flip Compelling Deterrence Murderous Compulsion
2 - 3 Chaplain's Blessing Sinister Concoction Town Gossipmonger  Flip Stormrider Spirit Dance with Devils Olivia's Bloodsworn Rabid Bite Hermit of the Natterknolls  Flip
2 - 4 Expose Evil Stitched Mangler Foreboding Ruins Explosive Apparatus Thraben Gargoyle  Flip Inner Struggle Cult of the Waxing Moon Angel of Deliverance
2 - 5 Skeleton Key Stitched Mangler Paranoid Parish-Blade Rabid Bite Gisa's Bidding Malevolent Whispers Village Messenger  Flip Thraben Gargoyle  Flip
2 - 6 Bloodmad Vampire Throttle Puncturing Light Ongoing Investigation Engulf the Shore Rancid Rats Pale Rider of Trostad Tenacity
2 - 7 Uncaged Fury Apothecary Geist Nephalia Moondrakes Gone Missing Broken Concentration Throttle Vessel of Ephemera Quilled Wolf
2 - 8 Moonlight Hunt Daring Sleuth  Flip Quilled Wolf Manic Scribe Apothecary Geist Merciless Resolve Drunau Corpse Trawler Forsaken Sanctuary
2 - 9 Vampire Noble Just the Wind Confront the Unknown Nagging Thoughts Inspiring Captain Voldaren Duelist Unruly Mob Vessel of Nascency
2 - 10 Pyre Hound Equestrian Skill Stoic Builder Silent Observer Grotesque Mutation Alms of the Vein Confront the Unknown Apothecary Geist
2 - 11 Merciless Resolve Warped Landscape Strength of Arms Gone Missing Furtive Homunculus Second Harvest Expose Evil Vessel of Nascency
2 - 12 Magmatic Chasm Trail of Evidence Haunted Cloak Fork in the Road Dual Shot Just the Wind Broken Concentration Lamplighter of Selhoff
2 - 13 Rottenheart Ghoul Merciless Resolve Merciless Resolve Alms of the Vein Militant Inquisitor Dual Shot Macabre Waltz Might Beyond Reason
2 - 14 Invasive Surgery Silburlind Snapper Rottenheart Ghoul Kessig Dire Swine Intrepid Provisioner Inquisitor's Ox Pieces of the Puzzle Vessel of Volatility
3 - 1 To the Slaughter Call the Bloodline Incorrigible Youths Explosive Apparatus Wolf of Devil's Breach Tireless Tracker Hermit of the Natterknolls  Flip Declaration in Stone
3 - 2 Accursed Witch  Flip Silverstrike Lambholt Pacifist  Flip Startled Awake  Flip Anguished Unmaking Inexorable Blob Tenacity Tenacity
3 - 3 Byway Courier Stormrider Spirit Briarbridge Patrol Fleeting Memories Confirm Suspicions Tooth Collector Gryff's Boon Lambholt Pacifist  Flip
3 - 4 Dead Weight Sleep Paralysis Moonlight Hunt Nagging Thoughts Inner Struggle Byway Courier Gryff's Boon Rabid Bite
3 - 5 Gisa's Bidding Ulrich's Kindred Ghoulcaller's Accomplice Reckless Scholar Thraben Gargoyle  Flip Murderous Compulsion Stitchwing Skaab Harvest Hand  Flip
3 - 6 Pyre Hound Niblis of Dusk Indulgent Aristocrat Moldgraf Scavenger True-Faith Censer Rancid Rats Drownyard Temple Vessel of Nascency
3 - 7 Pyre Hound Stitched Mangler Hinterland Logger  Flip Stitched Mangler Apothecary Geist Voldaren Duelist Uncaged Fury Confront the Unknown
3 - 8 Reduce to Ashes Expose Evil Unruly Mob Merciless Resolve Reduce to Ashes Drownyard Temple Drunau Corpse Trawler Foul Orchard
3 - 9 Structural Distortion Seagraf Skaab Convicted Killer  Flip Warped Landscape Vessel of Ephemera True-Faith Censer Unruly Mob Sanguinary Mage
3 - 10 Howlpack Wolf Furtive Homunculus Militant Inquisitor Vessel of Paramnesia Rush of Adrenaline Geistblast Sanitarium Skeleton Groundskeeper
3 - 11 Silent Observer Gone Missing Clip Wings Equestrian Skill Stromkirk Mentor Haunted Cloak Explosive Apparatus Wicker Witch
3 - 12 Strength of Arms Cathar's Companion Intrepid Provisioner Merciless Resolve Sanguinary Mage Dissension in the Ranks Silent Observer Stromkirk Mentor
3 - 13 Ghostly Wings Pieces of the Puzzle Lamplighter of Selhoff Silburlind Snapper Shard of Broken Glass Liliana's Indignation Nagging Thoughts Militant Inquisitor
3 - 14 Equestrian Skill Might Beyond Reason Might Beyond Reason Open the Armory Hound of the Farbogs Tormenting Voice Ethereal Guidance Shard of Broken Glass