Attack every turn with Zur the Enchanter and fetch answers to your opponent's stuff while doing so. Early, you'll want to fetch Diplomatic Immunity and Curious Obsession to protect Zur and generate card advantage. Then you need to start adapting to what your opponent's are doing:

Zur about to get blocked? Fetch "Removal" to clear the skies!

Enemy commander got a hexproof or shroud equipment on? Fetch Artificer's Hex to take that out!

Opponent's just sitting back doing nothing? Use Brain Maggot or Telepathy to see what's coming and then fetch oddly specific answers like Nevermore !

Getting board of just attacking every turn? Time to steal and copy your opponent's bombs with "Robbery". The best part is, if you see a creature you want you put Reprobation , Kasmina's Transmutation or Deep Freeze on that creature and then copy it later with Metamorphic Alteration or Dance of Many . Stuff like Domineer and Threads of Disloyalty target oddly specific enemy creatures and act as removal as well.

Important Note: Zur's ability puts Aura's into play directly attached to something they could be attached to. This bypasses shroud and hexproof. This means you can use Domineer and Threads of Disloyalty on hexproof enemies as well as Reprobation , Kasmina's Transmutation and Deep Freeze !


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