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Zurgo "Fuck Everyone's Stuff"

Commander / EDH



Be polite, be professional, have a plan to kill everything that hits the table.

The whole thing started when I realized Red, Black, and White can pretty much destroy every permanent. (Red's mostly there for land destruction. Wake of Destruction is staying.) From there, I threw together all the good permanent spells in my measley collection and a couple of boadwipes and went to town. Two years later, I won with this thing. (Magister of Worth + Brightflame = 70 life and being the only person with a board left)

I realized then that Zurgo was a much better commander then Alesha, and the gameplan became evident- wipe the board, let Zurgo survive, swing into a clean board, repeat three times per opponent. Bada Bing Bada Boom, you got it all under control.

The rest is card draw (Phyrexian Arena is first on my list) and spot removal for pesky permanents (Council's Judgment pretty much gets rid of the worst thing on the board.) I'd like some help of smoothing it all out and getting a more consistent gameplan.

My Wishlist:

Phyrexian Arena- Know what's great? Having cards in your hand. I want to do more of that.

Ward of Bones- As you may notice my deck is like 60% spells. This should make it harder for opponents too recoup after a good coupe boardwipes, and make spot removal that much more effective.

Imp's Mischief- NOBODY EXPECTS THE MARDU COUNTERSPELL forreal tho two-for-oneing someone for trying to kill Zurgo is totally worth four life.

Anguished Unmaking- Instant spot removal for anything at the low low price of three mana and three life. How can I not?

Orzhov Signet, Boros Signet, Rakdos Signet: Signets. They're good. I need mana fixin's.

Painful Truths- Three cards for three mana and three life. Sounds good. Hell, an expensive Sign in Blood isn't half bad either. I'd even be happy cycling this if I'm mana screwed.

Fumigate- I've realized that a healthy health buffer is something I very much like, and this gives me that AND a boardwipe. All in all, good shit. At the time of writing I'm waiting for this to leave standard and become fifty cents. (I can save a whole dollar!)

Ob Nixilis Reignited- Look, I like this card a bunch. He's a Phyrexian Arena that occasionally comes down from the heavens to bitch slap a problem creature or remaining blocker. That ult is honestly gravy. I almost wish he didn't have it so he wasn't so scary...

Shambling Vent- You'll notice an abundance of manlands in this deck. This is because they can hide back and survive wraths. A 2/3 is actually one of the biggest manlands that doesn't require blue or green, (Damn you Celestial Colonnade) and lifelink is just peachy.

Burnished Hart- Again, mana fixin's.

Sunforger- This does two things- one, it makes Zurgo an 11/2, which can kill someone in two hits instead of the usual three, and it can fetch me all manner of spot removal. Not a card I can see myself disliking.

Mogis, God of Slaughter- Yeah, a sometimes 7/5 with indestructible is a great upside, but so's giving opponents the choice of losing one of their few creatures or ticking ever closer to their doom.

Athreos, God of Passage- Recursion is amazing in this deck, and there's going to be a lot of death. Come to think of it he's kinda the reverse of Mogis, isn't he?

Wear / Tear- Does this work? Let's find out. Anyway, this is a versite card, a 2-for-1 when you can, spot removal, good shit.

Orim's Thunder- Like the above. Gets rid of those pesky enchantments, and hopefully clears the board a bit too.

Worldslayer- This one I'm a bit more iffy on. Yes, destroying everything but Zurgo and his sword is nice, but I LIKE having lands. Still, this has a pretty creat upside. I just have to hope I've drawn enough cards by then.

Whispersilk Cloak- Even though this is kinda low on my list, it may be one of my most useful things-I-plan-to-acquire. Making Zurgo untouchable and unblockable? How can I go wrong! Bit of a nonbo with Sunforger, though. A bit.

Rebuff the Wicked- This is more here so I can keep tabs on it. If I find people are removing Zurgo too much, I'll find a place for this. As is, I don't want to waste a card on this. Imp's Mischief costs me life and can't be fetched by Sunforger, but Rebuff is a straight 1-for-1, and a deck full of 1-for-1s in EDH just isn't going to cut it.

Untethered Express- The biggest vehicle Crew 1 can buy, the idea here is that a few of my Wrath Recovery cards have only 1 power. (Manlands, Kirtar's Wrath, etc) This is here to magnify that power.

Aethersphere Harvester- Same as above, only instead of a slowly growing trampler its a flyer that gains me 6 life. Probably going to end up with only one.

The Wrath Pile- Akroma's Vengeance Scourglass Fated Retribution Deadly Tempest Overwhelming Forces In Garruk's Wake Crux of Fate Blasphemous Act Volcanic Vision Anger of the Gods

Kill cards- Consuming Vapors Return to Dust Swords to Plowshares Wretched Confluence

Rocks- Commander's Sphere Prismatic Lens Coalition Relic



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