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Zur the Enchanter-EDH

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-Depending on if my opponent is using more a commander play style then hand an library play' then ill cast out Nevermore for my opponent's general'...an if their playing more spell based an not so much commander then ill be casting Arcane Laboratory to limit their cast flow...(both of these spells are going to be played ..jus depends on Scenario)

-Then ill be casting Bitterblossom...which will give me motivation to defeat my opponent tho bring no sense of worry for i have Second Chance just waiting to be cast encase im to reach near defeat'...as well as Copy Enchantment for the third' strait turns in a row...

-With a solid safety net an tokens pumping my next choice is to cast Hidden Retreat an use counter's as much as possible for enchantment removal's hahah'..

-LOCKDOWN GOAL -Is to put Dash Hopes on the Isochron Scepter...while Arcane Laboratory is in play...(highly unlikely..tho that's whats wanted)


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This is the first revisited take at the Zur Enchanter' EDH deck...an suggestions an thoughts are always welcomed'


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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