I am Zur and I am immortal!

Here it is My Zur Pillowfort/Toolbox/Voltron/Tax/GROUPHUG!?..... build.

The key to this deck is to keep two blue mana up with Vanishing on Zur. This will keep him out of harms way and return him with all of his goodies! Zur will phase back at the beginning of your next untap step, before you untap. I usually set aside two blue mana once I have Vanishing on Zur.

FAQ's with Vanishing

"Q: When can Vanishing be used?"

A: The ability can be used at instant speed any time you have two blue mana available.

"Q: When the creature phases back in does it have summoning sickness?"

A: Nope, since it never changed zones. Phased in/out is just like being tapped/untapped.

"Q: Do any enchantments attached to the creature fall off?"

A: Enchantments and equipment phase in/out with the permanents they are associated with. The phasing permanent(s) also keep their counters as they never leave the battlefield."

"Q: When exactly does the creature phase back in?"

A: Zur will phase back at the beginning of your next untap step, before you untap.

This deck will lock down your board state with a indestructible Shielded by Faith , untargetable Diplomatic Immunity , unblockable/lifelink Steel of the Godhead Zur. If they can get around that by a mass non target effect or by destroying Zur's enchantments Zur will Vanish Vanishing and return with all of his goodies!

Zur can protect his kingdom by casting Greater Auramancy + Copy Enchantment + Aegis of the Gods + Hanna's Custody . With this out Zur's pesky tax and pillowfort enchantments will prove to be a thorn in the side of anyone foolish enough to enter or threaten his kingdom. Worried about someone's hand? Zur has mind linking Telepathy let everyone see who has what!

Enter my kingdom? pay the tax! Untargetable Arcane Laboratory AEther Barrier Aura of Silence oh and a Energy Flux to melt the artifact decks in your meta into a useless puddle of molten sorrow. Declare war on me? Propaganda + Ghostly Prison it will cost you.... Seeking a advantage or a answer? Spirit of the Labyrinth hush now fool! no card advantage for you! Also a great way to stop Nekusar, the Mindrazer =) Zur can punish anyone foolish enough to destroy his trinkets with mass removal. Zur's power of Karmic Justice can return the favor tenfold! destroy my enchantments and I destroy your kingdom! let's just remove a land per artifact or enchantment mwa ha ha ha! Blind Obedience will slow down agro and mana ramp until Zur achieves his goal of becoming immortal! Is there a card ruling and running amok in your meta? Nevermore and name that problem! This will usually buy you some much needed political favor with your meta =)

Welcome to the swamp! Bitterblossom and Contamination will allow Zur to bring enchantments into play and grind the rest of your meta to a halt due to their land only producing black mana!

Shielded by Faith + Pariah on Zur Mwah ha ha ha ha FOOLS I AM IMMORTAL!

Zur has many contingency plans...

Reito Lantern will get back Zur's needed enchantments and Zur can bring them into the battlefield from anywhere in your deck. Hanna, Ship's Navigator will return all of Zur's trinkets. Need Hanna, Ship's Navigator back? Zur has the answer Phyrexian Reclamation !

Another neat way for Zur to engage in meddling around in your meta is to group hug... Sound weird? just start giving the gifts of Zur by granting a boon like Gift of Immortality on someone's favorite creature make a ally or keep on giving enchantment gifts.

This incarnation of Zur has many other tricks and goodies that I'll just leave a mystery, but allow me to share one of my personal favorites!

Ready for the ultimate alternate win condition?

Zur and Bruna, Light of Alabaster Truly are binary stars! Did the game go deep? the meta get past Zur's pillow fort? Bruna, Light of Alabaster is Zur's heavenly lover. One attack phase or block with her and it's super aura enchantment awesome all over again. Bonus..... she takes the meta's auras and you use them for your own!

I am Zur and I have Ascended!

I have new toys mortals!!!! come and see........

There is more than one way to gain Immortality! My enchanted kingdom is more powerful than ever!

Necropotence + Solitary Confinement + Library of Leng ahhhhhh I am unleashed! draw all the cards and never have to exilie because you never really discard! Now lets manipulate time itself! Now that we can pay life at instant speed go and get my Second Chance now before the up keep pay life with Necropotence until you are at 5, with Reito Lantern or Mistveil Plains or Hanna, Ship's Navigator do this every turn and become the master of time itself!

Want to banish a foes minions for all of eternity????? quickly mortal go and fetch me my Arenson's Aura ahhhh yes thats the one now that I can sacrifice my own enchantments..... go and get me that Oblivion Ring for example...... Yes now banish that flea with the ring and sac it while its on the stack!!!!!!

"this is a enchantment version of what the Professor does in this deck tech at about 6:18"

Ohhhhh and gentlemen there's just one mooooore thiiiinnng..... Now that I have my Arenson's Aura let me go and fetch my Desolation .... yes deal with that for awhile before it effects me I will just sacrifice it to the enchanted king.... yes thats me..... then I will watch you be in horror as i put it back with my Reito Lantern or Mistveil Plains and bring it right out again!

My Zur deck is better than ever!!!!! can you spot all his new tricks?


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I am going to deck tech this with about a 8 card change when I get off work today.


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